Threema publishes source code and lowers prices


The Swiss company attaches great importance to security and documentation. (Photo: 360b / Shutterstock)

No time right now?

The messenger service has disclosed its complete source code and reduced its app prices by half.

After the service had disclosed its cryptographic procedures to the public for a long time, the next step is now. The entire source code of the apps can now be viewed. It is subject to the third version of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). Using reproducible builds, specialists can check at any time whether it matches the source code of the sales apps. Due to Apple’s app store guidelines, this is currently only possible with the Android versions.

Open source for more security

The disclosure enables security researchers to search the software for gaps and bugs independently of the operator. This means that Threema’s statements about the apps and their security concept can be checked by autonomous bodies at any time. The messenger service started its own page on which the sources and their documentation are linked. The source codes themselves are on GitHub. In addition, the company refers to its 22-page documentation on the subject of cryptography. Threema had already announced the move in September. The messenger has also been supporting video telephony since August.

Threema cuts prices by 50 percent

To “celebrate” this milestone, the company has cut the prices for the apps by half. The messenger in Apple’s and Google’s app store costs only 1.99 euros until December 28th. In the company’s own web shop, the price for the Android app is currently 1.83 euros. This option is available for Android users who are denied access to Google Play.

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