Time-limited demo for switch-exclusive monster hunt announced


As part of the Game Awards 2020, Capcom not only released a new video for Monster Hunter Rise (from 59,99€ at pre-order) (see below), but also announced a limited time demo of the action RPG for January 2021: “The free demo gives hunters a first chance to experience the new game mechanics, including the rope beetle and the palamute companion. Both can be used to track down and defeat threatening monsters in new ways. Players can take on the challenges of the demo alone or with up to three companions in local or online multiplayer mode. Further information on the demo and the release date will be announced soon. “
Capcom writes about the new trailer: “The video shows two brand new monsters making their debut in Monster Hunter Rise. The deceptive Bishaten makes his way into the game with his distinctive tail and a penchant for persimmons. He stores these fruits in his stomach and hurls them towards his prey. Additionally in his arsenal there are various tail attacks as well as powerful vortex attacks, which hunters should be careful of so that they don’t get knocked off their feet. Somnacanth joins as another monster. The intoxicating aquatic Leviathan is capable To release sleep powder to temporarily numb his enemies, leaving them defenseless.

The new trailer also gives a glimpse of the scaly giant Königs-Ludroth and the poisonous bird-like Großwroggi. Both well-known monsters that add to the list of enemies in Monster Hunter Rise. In addition to the ‘sacred ruins’ already shown, the flood forest was presented as a new combat area. The swamp-like area gives hunters the opportunity to discover and fight wild monsters in a streaky and soaked area.

In the video, new story details about the mysterious ‘riot’ events were announced. These have threatened the village of Kamura and its inhabitants for centuries. With rumors of monster assault spreading again, residents and players in Monster Hunter Rise have no choice but to strengthen their defenses and prepare for the fight of their lives. More information on the ‘riot’ will be revealed in the next few months. ”

Monster Hunter Rise will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Pre-orders of the Standard Edition (price: 59.99 euros) and the Deluxe Edition (price: 69.99 euros) are possible in the eShop. Those who decide early receive the Palamute decorative armor “Golden Retriever”, the Palico decorative armor “Forest Cat” and a novice talisman for a little help at the beginning as a pre-order bonus. A retail release is also planned.

Last updated video: The Game Awards 2020 trailer

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