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The whole world has been practicing “social distancing” since spring. But people flirt as they always have. Just online more often!

The dating app Tinder evaluated the profiles of its users in 2020. The statistics now published show ten trends. Corona is a big thing in this. But the singles of Generation Z (born after 1997) had the greatest flirting success with another important topic in their Tinder bio …

1. Black Lives Matter!

The subject received worldwide attention after the violent death of George Floyd in late May. Since then, the catchphrase “BLM” has appeared 55 times as often in the biographies of Tinder users as before. An example: “If you don’t support BLM, unfortunately we don’t fit together …”

2. Flirting sayings about the pandemic

Let’s be like covid and catch each other

(in German: Let’s be like Covid and catch each other) or

Wash your hands so you can hold mine

(in German: wash your hands so you can hold mine).

According to Tinder, a large number of users have celebrated match successes with such creative one-liners.

3. TikTok

The China app TikTok 2020 was eight times more popular with Tinder users than last year. For example, users send their favorite videos back and forth – and can thus identify similarities. Side effect: those who have already recorded successful TikTok videos can brag about their Internet celebrities while flirting.

4. Die Maske als Must-Have

Ten times more often than in 2019, Tinder users discussed the topic of mouthguards in 2020. The associated emoji is one of the most frequently sent images in the app. Noticeable: There are hardly any singles who come out on Tinder profiles as mask refusers. The face mask is trendy. There are even Tinder users who reveal on their profile that they also expect “masks during sex”.

5. The Netflix Series Tiger King

Almost everyone has seen it: Tiger King was THE streaming surprise hit 2020! Sure, that was a big topic at Tinder too. “Did Carol Baskin feed her husband to tigers?” The question doesn’t seem like the best starting point for a flirt. But – according to Tinder – it should have worked for some users. Reason: The Tiger King story is so incredible that it makes people laugh together.

6. The call to vote

Tinder has evaluated the profiles of users in the USA. The call to “Vote” (in German: Go to vote) was often found there in the run-up to the presidential election in November. It is also clear that young people are moving similar issues around the world – thanks to globalization.

7. Animal Crossing

Many Tinder users also agreed to play on the online platform this year. So for Generation Z, hacking is by far …

Tinder: The app, in which you can swipe and distribute likes, has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. In 2019, the company had sales of $ 1.2 billion (around € 1 billion)

Photo: picture alliance / ROBIN UTRECHT

8. The shrug emoji 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

The emoji most used by young Tinder users in 2020 was the picture of a person who shrugs his shoulders and raises his arms. Lack of plan? Uncertainty? Yes, we all felt that in 2020 … and somehow that connects.

9. The song “WAP” by Cardi B

Another thing that everyone could agree on. Rapper Cardi B (28) sings about sex as if she were a man. This is how emancipation works in Generation Z. The buzzword is now: sex positivity.

10. The passport feature

This Tinder offer enables users to hunt for matches anywhere in the world. In the course of the corona crisis, the app had activated the premium feature. In April, according to Tinder data, 16 percent of users made use of it. Unfortunately, traveling to his match was still impossible due to the pandemic.

Also noticeable: climate protection is apparently not yet a flirt topic for the young generation.

And one thing Tinder seems to have left out of all the statistics. That most users only look at the PHOTOS of their counterpart anyway!

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