Tips and tricks from the tree seller


The festival without a fir does not have to be. The sellers are exempt from the closing regulation due to the corona pandemic.

Under the beech trees that have just shed their last leaves, there is a small pine forest behind a large all-round gate. Big angels and soft lights watch over the fragrant trees, reminiscent of a fairytale forest at the Ostpark. There was great concern that because of the lockdown, Christmas trees would no longer be allowed to find an apartment or garden where they could make people happy. “I feel totally honored that all Christmas tree sellers are exempt from the closing regulation,” says Jonathan Schreiber (24) with a red mask over his mouth and nose and a black headband on his head. “And people were afraid that they could still choose a favorite tree. Everyone should be allowed to have a tree at home. “

Schreiber sells Christmas trees for the first time. The student had thought about what kind of job he could do in December. “I did everything right,” he says with a smile and watches a man who goes from tree to tree in search of something. Different colored bands mark the trees according to species: Nordmann fir, blue spruce and the noblest, the nobilis. It has a particularly intense scent of forest and resin, its greenish-bluish needles stick just as little as those of the still popular Nordmann fir, and the needles stay on the tree for two to three months. Blue and red spruces are also included.

“The tallest tree I sold was 5.30 meters high, the smallest was 70 centimeters,” says Schreiber. The tall tree is now in a garden near the Alte Oper. The little one on a table with an elderly lady in Bornheim. “Both are happy,” the salesman knows and smiles under his mask.

Trees all from the Westerwald

“It’s best for couples here. They walk around like in the forest and can spend a long time discussing which tree they find most beautiful. When families come, the children are usually allowed to choose which tree they want. This is often funny because they would like to have three meter tall trees, but the ceiling is not that high. Then it takes a little skill to persuade them to lower trees. “

It is also equipped to measure the trees that all come from the Westerwald. A more than three meters long, thick, angular ruler with handwritten dimensions stands in the middle of the trees and is always helpful to find the right size. There are also matching Christmas tree stands, fir and mistletoe branches. Wood chips are in a container. If the trunk is too thick, Schreiber makes it suitable. “It’s my first time selling Christmas trees, but Corona has definitely changed a lot. A lot of customers tell me that this year they will get a Christmas tree for the first time. Some because they have just moved in as a couple, others because they are usually away from home. And the third group is those who work in the home office and want to make themselves cozy and Christmassy there. “

A young woman found her tree after being tied between the two for a while. Schreiber puts it in the pipe and wraps it with a net. The tree is quite large and bushy. “I’ll take it to your car,” he offers immediately. “That is not necessary,” she replies, but he starts walking with the tree on his shoulder. The woman is happy because the tree is stowed away with one swing. She also receives tips on watering her tree.

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