Too little stock: Migros cancels marble campaign early


At Migros there will be no more marbles at the checkout from Monday. The collection campaign is canceled because the dealer does not have enough marbles and lanes in stock.

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Done, free marbles: Migros is canceling the collection campaign on December 14th.


Migros ran out of special marbles on December 5th.  Therefore there should have been special marmots on December 23rd.

Migros ran out of special marbles on December 5th. Therefore there should have been special marmots on December 23rd.


But the marbles triggered a real run.

But the marbles triggered a real run.

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Anyone who buys at Migros for 20 francs has received a glass marble so far. The collection campaign should have run until December 24th. But now the retailer is canceling the campaign early on Monday, December 14, as stated on the Migros website.

The reason for this: “The marble stocks are unfortunately running out and we want to prevent further disappointments from customers,” says spokesman Patrick Stöpper about 20 minutes. The “All Stars” murmur campaign triggered a veritable run and demand exceeded all expectations. At the beginning of December it became clear that marbles were running out.

On Saturday, December 5th, Migros customers should have received specially colored marbles. But the special marbles went away quickly, it said on the part of Migros. Customers sometimes received fewer marbles than expected – that made them red heads. Therefore, there should have been special marbles at the till on December 23rd. Nothing will come of it now.

Customers will not go away empty-handed, as Migros assures. In an e-mail to the customer, it says: “We will do everything in our power to send you an equivalent replacement for the special marbles as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do this before Christmas, as production and delivery will take time. “

Customers can register online to receive the collectibles when they are available again. In addition, spokesman Patrick Stöpper refers to the swap exchange, where collectors can continue to try to get the coveted marbles.

Migros’ “All Stars” collection campaign has been running since November 3rd. A total of 40 glass marbles can be collected for a marble run. One marble is free for every purchase of CHF 20. In addition, there is a discount on the marble run from a certain number of stickers collected, which can also be posted in Migros.

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