Totilas: Most expensive dressage horse in the world has died


Panorama 10 million euros purchase price

Most expensive dressage horse in the world – Totilas died at the age of 20

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Died of colic at the age of 20: the wonder horse Totilas

Died of colic at the age of 20: the wonder horse Totilas

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Ten years ago Totilas changed hands for an estimated 10 million euros – now the most expensive dressage horse in the world is dead. “We will miss you incredibly and never forget”, wrote his rider, Matthias Alexander Rath.

Er was a superstar on four legs and the most expensive dressage horse in the world: the stallion Totilas is dead. He died on Tuesday at the age of 20 of complications from colic, as Paul Schockemöhle confirmed. “That is a big loss,” said the horse dealer who ten years ago brought the stallion from the Netherlands to Germany for an estimated ten million euros.

Totilas’ former rider Matthias Alexander Rath wrote on Instagram: “We will miss you incredibly and never forget you !!”

In his career, Totilas was more astonished and admired than any other dressage horse before him. When he was presented by Schockemöhle in Germany in autumn 2010, there was a huge media hype about the black handsome and supposed gold guarantor. “There has never been as much hype as there has been about him,” said Schockemöhle recently, looking back at the spectacular transfer. “Everyone was tied up by the horse,” said Dennis Peiler, head of sport at the German equestrian association FN.

Wonder stallion Totilas

The German dressage rider Matthias Alexander Rath with Totilas during the team final of the European Riding Championships in Aachen

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Suddenly there was a huge interest in dressage. The up to then utopian sum and the appearances of the stallion who had risen to become a wonder horse with his Dutch rider Edward Gal contributed to this. At the 2010 World Cup – a few months before the sale – Totilas and Gal won gold three times in Lexington, USA. Gal was able to make the stallion dance. They received world record ratings several times in their joint career.

Rath could not meet the huge expectations. The pressure for him was immense, also pushed by a PR machine. Totilas was the star, his rider was not. Regarding the lack of gold at the European Championship, World Cup and Olympics, Schockemöhle said in October of this year: “That was a health problem.”

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Totilas had failed again and again. There were always comebacks. The sad end came in 2015 at the European Championships in Aachen, where the horse was withdrawn from the individual competitions due to bone edema. The fact that the ailing stallion had previously competed in the teams was often criticized.

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Kronberg 08.10.2019 Stallion Totilas and his rider Matthias Alexander Rath at the Schafhof Stud in Kronberg Horse and rider in the stable © Jonas Ratermann [No Model Release | No Property Release]

Most recently Totilas stood on the sheep farm in Kronberg im Taunus with Rath and his family. The stallion was used in breeding for many years. “He was good in the race as a stallion,” said Schockemöhle on Tuesday evening. The descendants of Totilas are in great demand.

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