Travel restrictions: Kogler accuses Kurz of “lack of sensitivity”


“The way some of the travel restrictions were communicated yesterday was one-sided for me too and of insufficient sensitivity,” said Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Green) on Thursday. Kurz had spoken of the fact that the virus was “introduced” through trips abroad.

“We had very, very low numbers of infections in the summer after the lockdown and then brought infections back into the country through travelers returning and especially through people who had spent the summer in their home countries,” Kurz argued about the travel restrictions at the press conference on Wednesday . “If we look back over the summer, we know that a third of our new infections in the summer came from abroad,” he affirmed in the ZiB2 that evening.

  • Video: On Wednesday evening, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was a guest at “ZIB 2”:

The travel restrictions are a “sensible and necessary” measure for the next few weeks, emphasized Kogler. In Austria, the restaurants and hotels have been closed and stricter exit restrictions than in some neighboring countries. Even private meetings are sometimes more strictly regulated than in many European countries.

However, Kogler was evidently not happy about the VP chairman’s formulation, and he briefly attested to the APA that he was “one-sided and lacking sensitivity”. “The virus makes no difference where there is a party in large groups. I very much regret that many people have found this to be hurtful. And I am thinking particularly of the many women and men who have been with us in nursing homes and hospitals for many months – as also in the intensive care units – and in other important areas, “said the Grnen boss. Many of them had biographical roots in the “regions that were addressed one-sidedly yesterday,” said Kogler, and called for more respect and sensitivity.

SP and SOS Mitmensch criticize short statements

Not only the greens clashed with a formulation by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP) when announcing the corona-related travel restrictions. The SP women and SoHo identified “agitation” in it and demanded an apology from the Chancellor. SOS Mitmensch warned in a broadcast on Thursday against “brutalization of politics”.

Kurz’s statements, according to which Austrians with migration biographies had brought the virus into the country, are reprehensible and should be rejected, criticized SP women’s chairwoman Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek. Women with migration biographies would work as nurses and in retail: “Instead of giving these women the appreciation and appreciation they deserve, Kurz makes them scapegoats for the dramatic increase in the number of infections in Austria.” She therefore asked for an apology and clarification from the VP chairman.

Nobody denies that holidays in and outside Austria contributed to the infection, said SOS Mitmensch spokesman Alexander Pollak. The reason for the very high number of illnesses and deaths is the late reaction of the federal government, he emphasized. “The Chancellor’s statements are reminiscent of Donald Trump’s scapegoat and divisive rhetoric and are at the expense of democracy and coexistence.”


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