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Antalya – He wanted to take a short vacation in Turkey. Now he is no longer allowed to go home: a German dentist was first arrested in Turkey and then banned from leaving the country. Now he is waiting for an appointment with the judge.

On November 4th, the doctor and companions flew with the airline “Sunexpress” from Düsseldorf to Antalya. After landing, they waited at the baggage carousel. There the dentist is said to have had an argument with other passengers.

High prison sentence threatens

Witnesses later claimed to the police that the doctor loudly insulted Turkey and the Turks. “You Turks are just like that, it’s not a democratic country here anyway,” the German called out.

When entering Antalya Airport, the German got into an argument with other passengersPhoto: Private

If convicted, the German tourist faces a prison sentence of several years in this prison in Antalya (Turkey)

If convicted, the German tourist faces a prison sentence of several years in this prison in Antalya (Turkey)Photo: Hamdi Gökbulut

One of the bystanders even claims to have filmed the German tourist insulting him. He then reported the German to the police. The officers are said to have briefly arrested and questioned the dentist. The accusation: “Denigration of the state and its organs”, punishable under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code. It carries up to four years in prison, possibly even more if insulted in public.

According to BILD information, the arrested person is said to be Dr. Kristian B. (63) from Wuppertal, who has been running a dental practice there since 1996. Apparently he had to hand in his passport, is no longer allowed to leave the country and is waiting in a hotel for the court hearing.

When asked by BILD, the Foreign Office said that the authority was aware of the case. The person concerned is being looked after by the German consulate in Antalya.

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