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With 13.80 million viewers, the WDR crime scene “ Es lebe der König” with Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers was the most watched TV film of the year. Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

All third parties together are the most watched channels in Germany. The single winner is ZDF. The queen of the quota is Angela Merkel. And among the boys, private channels such as RTL, Sat.1 and ProSieben dominate.

Berlin More interest in news, more viewing time per day: classic television is one of the winners of the Corona year. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the third programs of ARD were the winners in the television program. With at least 23 million TV viewers of her incendiary speech on the Corona crisis on March 18 (“ It’s serious. Take it seriously.”), The Chancellor was the quota queen of the year. “ Since German unification, no, since the Second World War there has not been a challenge to our country that depends so much on our joint action in solidarity.”

Nine million on the first, nine million on ZDF, almost five million on RTL – and smaller channels came on top. Nobody else could reach so many TV viewers in one evening.

WDR-Tatort was the most watched TV film of the year

With 13.80 million viewers, the most watched TV film of the year was the WDR “Tatort: ​​#Long Live the King!” ( December 20) with Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers in the first. With 13.15 million, the second Münster “Tatort” of the year (“Limbus”, November 8th) landed in second place. Only after that was King Football followed numerically in the form of the Champions League final Munich-Paris: How Bayern won the title was followed on 23 August by 12.81 million viewers on ZDF.

The most popular entertainment show was “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” (MDR) with Florian Silbereisen from Suhl, which showed the first on November 28th. It was the tenth under that name.

The most popular talk show on German television was “ Anne Will”, according to ARD. An average of 3.97 million viewers followed the conversations – around 720,000 more per program than in 2019.

Markus Lanz” tune in about 1.8 million each time

Also “tough but fair” with Frank Plasberg (3.15 million, plus about 680,000) and “maischberger. die week “(1.41 million, plus around 220,000) gained an audience. At ZDF, “Markus Lanz” scored points, who tuned in around 1.8 million each time (plus around 300,000).

For the ninth time in a row, ZDF won the year on German television as a single channel in terms of market share. As of Tuesday ( December 29), the second in 2020 had a 13.6 percent market share. The first follows with 11.3 percent. If you add up all third-party programs of the public broadcasters, then the third parties were again the first: they achieved a market share of 13.7 percent. According to ARD, it is made up of 2.7 percent for NDR television, 2.5 for WDR television, 2.1 for MDR and SWR television as well as 2.0 for BR television, 1.2 for RBB television and 1.1 for HR television.

RTL was the strongest private broadcaster

The strongest private broadcaster was again RTL with 8.1 percent. This was followed by Sat.1 with 5.7, Vox with 4.6, ProSieben with 4.0, Kabel eins with 3.5, ZDFneo with 2.9 and RTLzwei with 2.7. It was followed by channels like Nitro and RTLplus, SuperRTL, ntv and Welt.

In the target group between 14 and 59 years, RTL was the market leader with 10.2 percent. In the boys between 14 and 19 years of age, Sat.1 (10.9) won ahead of ProSieben (10.6).

Tagesschau” holds top position among news programs

The “Tagesschau” held its top position among the news programs. The 8pm “Tagesschau” was watched by an average of 11.8 million a day on Erste and the other broadcasting channels such as Third, 3sat, Phoenix, Tagesschau24 and ARD-alpha. That was by leaps and bounds about 2 million more than in 2019. The show was particularly successful in the lockdown months.

In the Corona year, significantly more classic linear TV was watched. According to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fernsehforschung (AGF), the average viewing time for viewers aged three and over was an average of 220 minutes a day, i.e. over three and a half hours. It was above the previous year’s level of a good 210 minutes (period 1.1. To 29.12.2020, Monday to Sunday 3 a.m. to 3 a.m.).

14 to 59 year olds watched television for an average of three hours a day (180 minutes), young people (14 to 19 years old) only watched 49 minutes.

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