UK – Johnson calls emergency meeting over flight bans


In Austria, aircraft from Great Britain will no longer be allowed to land on Tuesday. In Luxembourg, too, followed suit on Monday and suspended landing of passenger planes for at least 24 hours. As a precautionary measure until new scientific knowledge is available, the Luxembourg Ministry of Health announced. Denmark, Sweden and Finland also no longer want aircraft from Great Britain to land. The formal decision in Norway and Sweden is expected to be taken later this day. The authorities of the countries announced this.

Turkey also stopped all UK flights. In addition, air traffic with South Africa and the Netherlands has been suspended for the time being due to the appearance of more contagious virus variants, the Turkish Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca tweeted on Sunday evening. Numerous other states had previously shut down flight connections to Great Britain.

Johnson had justified a tightened lockdown in England over the Christmas season with the discovery of the virus mutation. According to him, the corona mutation is 70 percent more contagious than the original variant. UK Health Secretary Mark Hancock said the new mutation was “out of control” on Sky News.

The virus variant has already been detected in other countries, including Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. The chief virologist of the Berlin Charité, Christian Drosten, said on Monday on Deutschlandfunk that it can be assumed that the mutation had already reached Germany. He emphasized that the data on the mutation was still very sketchy. Johnson’s information on the degree of infection of the mutation is an estimate.

In Austria, the virus mutation has not yet been detected, it said on Sunday at the APA request from the Ministry of Health.

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