US Agency: Pfizer Vaccine Vials May Contain Extra Doses | 12/17/20


WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – Some of the vials containing the corona vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech may contain usable additional doses of the vaccine, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The contents of the glass jars are usually intended for five cans, the authority wrote on Wednesday evening (local time) on Twitter. In some cases, however, the preparation in the vials distributed in the USA is sufficient for a sixth or even a seventh dose. It was initially unclear whether there was more in the vaccine bottle intended for Germany.

In view of the health emergency in the fight against the pandemic, it is initially permissible to use the excess contents of a vial for vaccinations until final clarification in the USA, according to the FDA. However, it must be ensured that this amount is sufficient for a complete dose, emphasized the FDA. Under no circumstances should leftovers from different vials be mixed up, warned the authority with a view to the risk of potential contamination.

As the US news portal “Politico” wrote, pharmacists in hospitals had become aware of the excess vaccine in the vials. Since there was initially a lack of clarity about the use, hundreds of extra doses have been thrown away since vaccinations with the preparation of the companies Biontech from Mainz and Pfizer from the USA began in the country on Monday. This had received an emergency approval from the drug authority.

The US has so far bought 100 million doses of this vaccine. In view of the shortage of vaccines, the extra doses are very welcome, “Politico” wrote. You could possibly increase the existing offer by up to 40 percent.

“The amount of vaccine that remains in the multi-dose vial after five doses are removed can vary depending on the type of needles and syringes used,” Politico said, quoting a Pfizer spokeswoman. An expert from the University of Utah told the portal that manufacturers usually fill up a little more vaccine so that enough is left over in case something is spilled. However, it is unusual that an extra dose or even more is included./eka/DP/stw

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