US election: Donald Trump makes a stabbing legend



Donald Trump is making a stabbing legend

The behavior of the elected president is reminiscent of a mad king. But unfortunately the following applies: if it is also absurd, there is still a method.

The Trump team had to raise three million dollars to achieve a new count of votes in the state of Wisconsin. Now the result of this recount is available: Joe Biden has gained 87 votes. Wisconsin has therefore officially confirmed the Democrat’s victory.

Trump is not only embarrassed in the Midwest. Republican Governor Doug Doucey, a close ally of Trump, also announced Biden’s victory in Arizona. All swing states have sealed Trump’s defeat.

One should think that the president would now throw in the towel. Not even close. Trump said in an interview with Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that he would use “125 percent of his energy” to challenge the election result.

Trump supporters protest outside an Arizona hotel. Image: keystone

This is not to be understood as an empty threat. His fans have donated around 170 million dollars so that he can continue his fight against windmills.

In this fight, Trump will no longer shy away from anything. He has recently even accused the FBI and the Justice Department – with his corrupt, slavish Attorney General William Barr – of conspiring against him. In addition, he now wants to appeal to the Supreme Court, although he himself doubts that the chief judges will listen to him.

Objectively speaking, Trump’s situation has become hopeless. In 34 legal proceedings, the judges only found him right in one single and insignificant secondary aspect. Otherwise his complaints have been dismissed in bulk, sometimes accompanied by damning remarks by the responsible judges.

The halfway sensible lawyers have therefore resigned their mandate. The only one who still believes in Trump’s cause is his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Its appearances, however, are so ridiculous, even bizarre, that only the late nigth comedians can still enjoy them – and do it extensively.

In Trump’s crosshairs: Brian Kemp, Georgia governor. Image: keystone

Meanwhile, Trump is tackling alleged traitors personally and via Twitter. He focused primarily on Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, and his State Secretary Brad Raffensperger. This is amazing in that both are not only members of the Grand Old Party, but have also been noticed as die-hard Trump fans.

But even the Kemp / Raffensperger duo can no longer change the election result in Georgia. Trump has recently been “ashamed” that he supported Kemp in his election as governor in 2018. He doesn’t want to see why the “hapless” Kemp doesn’t simply overrule his “stubborn state secretary”.

The race management of the GOP watches the scuffle in Georgia with growing panic. If the Republicans want to win the two Senate seats in this state, then they have to rely on Trump’s support. Only he can ensure that the grassroots go to the polls.

By repeatedly raving about “fake elections”, the president achieved exactly the opposite. “You can’t constantly declare that the system has been manipulated and at the same time ask people to elect the two Republican senators,” laments Eric Johnson, adviser to GOP candidate Kelly Loeffler.

Recount of votes in Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia. Image: keystone

So how do you explain Trump’s irrational behavior? “Either the president suffers from delusional beliefs, or he deliberately wants to destroy democracy in order to deny that he is a loser,” said the Washington Post in an editorial comment.

A lot speaks in favor of the second variant – and that’s where the fun definitely ends. The Washington Post fears:

“If Mr. Trump can convince millions of Americans that the electoral system is corrupt, he could usher in an era of dangerous instability; a future candidate might be able to overturn a fair result in a close election by taking advantage of the doubts the president has now sown. “

In a guest article in the “New York Times”, “Zeit” editor Jochen Bittner even goes one step further. He compares Trump’s approach with the stabbing legend that emerged after the defeat of the Germans in World War I. And it came like this:

After four pointless years of war, the German soldiers refused to continue fighting. They went on strike or deserted and forced the high command to surrender.

However, reactionary German circles refused to accept the defeat. “Undefeated in the field” was their slogan. The blame for the defeat was blamed on traitors in their own ranks, mainly Social Democrats and Jews.

The treason thesis lacked any factual basis. Even so, it soon began to develop a life of its own. Bittner writes:

«It (the stabbing legend) was not weakened after 1918: faced with the humiliation and refusal or inability to accept the truth, many Germans joined a disastrous delusion: the nation was betrayed, but honor and greatness were never lost. And those who refused to do their national duty – leftists and self-elected representatives of the republic – could never be a guardian of the country. “

The stabbing legend was a central element of the Nazis’ propaganda. Without wanting to compare Trump to Hitler, the parallels between his behavior and the Nazis in the Weimar Republic are obvious. Bittner refers to a deeply divided American society – like the German back then – and states:

“In a landscape of social fragmentation, Mr. Trump’s factual allegations can do great harm. According to YouGov, 88 percent of Trump voters – an astonishing number – are convinced that the election result is not legal. This is the seed of a myth that treason and injustice are on the rise. “

From this point of view, it is not enough to make fun of Trump or just compare his behavior with a “crazy king”. Let’s not forget: it received over 70 million votes – enormous potential for a new edition of the stabbing legend.


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