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After the end of the gameThat’s it for today from the 2nd Bundesliga. We wish you a nice evening. Bye for now!

After the end of the gameBochum wins five of the last seven games, scoring an impressive 16 goals in these five wins. VfL is in 2nd place at least overnight. On Tuesday it goes to Hanover in the English week. Paderborn can recover from the third bankruptcy in a row one day longer and meets Braunschweig on Wednesday.

After the end of the gameWithin seven minutes, VfL Bochum decided the game with Robert Zulj’s double and Simon Zoller’s goal and won 3-0. Before that, the Bochum team had a hard time despite their superior play in the penalty area, but the three is well deserved. Paderborn was defensively overwhelmed several times in the second round.

90. Minute (+1)Tobias Stieler ends the evening shortly after the 90 minutes have elapsed.

Yellow card
89. MinuteDanilo Soares sees a yellow card for a foul on Dörfler.

87. MinuteBochum will climb to a direct promotion place with the three points at least overnight.

85. MinuteBochum is now defending carelessly, but Paderborn does not capitalize on it. Michel misses the goal from a central position in the penalty area.

83. MinuteAnd Raman Chibsah instead of Robert Tesche concludes today’s transition phase.
83. MinuteThe man of the evening has finished work, Thomas Eisfeld comes for Robert Zulj.

82. MinuteAntwi-Adjei brings the ball sharply in front of the goal from the right side, Michel does not bring the ball free-standing from eleven meters past the keeper.

79. MinuteLast change with the guests, Steffen Baumgart brings Marcel Correia instead of Sebastian Schonlau.

77. MinuteZulj headed into the run of Ganvoula, who wanted to finish over the rushing Zingerle, but more or less shot the keeper.

75. MinuteBochum sets the second division club record with three goals within seven minutes. That was only possible in April 2000 against TeBe Berlin.

73. MinuteAnd Herbert Bockhorn replaces Cristian Gamboa.
73. MinuteNext double change, Silvere Ganvoula replaces Gerrit Holtmann at VfL.

72. MinuteVfL now manages the three-goal lead. The statistics lead a 4-0 victory as the highest victory over the SCP. That was in 2016 and Stefan Effenberg led the training for the blue-blacks.

70. MinuteAnd Prince Osei Owusu replaces Dennis Srbeny.
70. MinuteThe change continues, now Sven Michel takes the position of Kai Pröger.

69. MinuteBella Kotchap’s return pass to the keeper is too short. Srbeny jumps in between, curves around Riemann and then only hits the outside netting from an acute angle.

67. MinuteVfL is also changing, with Milos Pantovic replacing Danny Blum.

65. MinuteAfter three wins in a row, the third bankruptcy in a row threatens. And in all three games, the Ostwestfalen have so far remained without their own hits.

62. MinuteAnd Christopher Antwi-Adjei replaces Svante Ingelsson.
61. MinuteGoal! VFL BOCHUM – SC Paderborn 3: 0. Paderborn is in the process of disintegrating, from the moment of kick-off it goes very quickly after losing the ball over four stations to the third goal. This time, Zulj is only the preparer, the Austrian fits into Simon Zoller’s run, who then completes the half-left into the short corner. The game is decided within just seven minutes.
61. MinuteSteffen Baumgart brings two new players after conceding three goals. Marco Terrazzino comes for Chris Führich.
61. MinuteTemplate Robert Zulj
60. MinuteGoal! VFL BOCHUM – SC Paderborn 2: 0. Zingerle decides early on for a corner, Robert Zulj converts safely down right.
Yellow card
59. MinuteThe VAR takes a quick look at the foul. It was one thing, Uwe Hünemeier also sees the yellow card.

58. MinutePenalty for Bochum! Zoller is through, Hünemeier wants to stop him from behind and hits the striker in the foot.

56. MinuteRobert Zulj is Bochum’s man of the hour. The Austrian scored three of the last five Bochum goals.

54. MinuteGoal! VFL BOCHUM – SC Paderborn 1-0. Dörfler cancels the offside at the long ball on Holtmann. The Bochum player does not get the ball under control at first, but then has an overview on the edge of the penalty area and lays across. The completely free-standing Robert Zulj pushes in from 13 meters in a serene, flat bottom right.
54. MinuteTemplate by Gerrit Holtmann

52. MinuteThe picture is unchanged. Bochum continues to disturb early and forces Paderborn to keep losing the ball.

50. MinuteTesche fits deep on Holtmann, who keeps the overview and brings the ball diagonally into the back of the defense. Zulj can lock directly, but Zingerle is there when the shot is from eleven meters. That was Bochum’s best chance of the game!

48. MinuteLeitsch cannot control an actually harmless cross from the lead. The ball jumps out of the gate. Okoroji’s corner ends up in the arms of Riemann.


46. MinuteThe game is running again. Both teams left the cabin unchanged.

VfL playfully delivers a mature performance, but so far there is no real danger in the penalty area and so Paderborn earned the 0-0 break at break. The guests also had better quality options. With the best chance, Führich failed from a distance to Riemann.

First half final whistle

45. Minute (+1)Break in Bochum. Zulj ends the run with a header from a corner.

45. MinuteThe added time is displayed: one minute.

43. MinuteBella Kotchap remains lying down after an aerial duel with Schallenberg and has to be treated briefly.

41. MinuteRiemann misjudged the next corner and dropped the ball at Vasiliadis’ feet, who immediately sought the end. But VfL is almost in team strength in the six-yard area, a defensive leg blocks the shot.

40. MinutePaderborn counters again. This time Führich approaches the penalty area and looks for the flat finish from 18 meters. Riemann stretches out and clears the corner with his fingertips.

38. MinuteVfL loses the ball in the forward movement, Pröger takes off. He wants to push through to Srbeny, but the pass fails. With a little luck he will have the second ball, but the cross is no better than the pass attempt before.

36. MinuteBochum has a proud 66 percent ball possession. With the project ‘table leadership’ it will probably not work today. Fürth is already leading 2-0 in Sandhausen.

34. MinuteBochum continues to disturb early and takes the ball over and over again. Blum immediately crosses into the middle, but Holtmann’s header is not particularly powerful and ends up in Zingerle’s arms.

32. MinuteBochum tries again and again with long passes from their own half and then often comes to the second balls.

Yellow card
30. MinuteAnthony Losilla rudely stops Ingelsson and sees the first yellow card of the evening. It is a warning with consequences, he is missing in Hanover on Tuesday.

28. MinuteHoltmann crosses from the left, Zoller misses in the middle. Behind it, however, Blum comes to the ball. The shooting position is unfavorable and he fits into the back area, where Tesche shoots past the goal from 18 meters to the right.

26. MinuteWeak tee shot from Riemann, who lands near Paderborn and becomes a boomerang. Gamboa clears at the expense of a throw-in, which lands quickly at Vasiliadis and ends with a long-range shot next to the goal.

24. MinuteOkoroji brings the first guest corner up through the penalty area. But Bella-Kotchap keeps the overview and clears the situation with her head.

22. MinuteThe build-up game from Bochum continues to look very good, there are always fast ball relays. But the home side have not yet been able to create clear scoring opportunities from these playful approaches

20. MinuteSrbeny holds the ball strong on the edge of the penalty area and shifts to the left out to Ingelsson. His flank is then too powerful and sails through the Bochum penalty area with no chance of completion.

18. MinuteHünemeier fails to clear a Bochum flank. The ball jumps in front of Blum’s feet, but the angle is ultimately too acute and Zingerle is there when he tries to shoot.

16. MinuteZoller continues to run as the first Bochum player to the ball-leading guest player. Paderborn now tries more often with high balls behind the advanced lines.

14. MinuteFührich wants to pass Bella Kotchap into the penalty area and falls, but the Bochum defender resolved the situation fairly in his favor.

12. MinuteZulj fits directly into the top through the interface, the pass is a little too steep for Blum.

10. MinuteBlum brings the free kick straight onto goal from the right. The ball flutters and so Zingerle takes no risk and clears with his fists at the expense of a corner.

8. MinuteThe first really good chance then belongs to the guests. After a long pass from Okoroji, Pröger appears free on the left in the penalty area. The angle is acute and Leitsch comes to the aid of his keeper. He blocks the shot of the Paderborn, who had previously hit a hook.

6. MinutePaderborn can now for the first time loosen its grip a little. Bochum has to take the detour via keeper Riemann twice.

4. MinuteBochum starts at full speed and sets the guests in their own half. A team is looking to make amends quickly after their recent defeat.

2. MinuteGamboa’s cross from the right sails through the penalty area. Holtmann tries directly from half-position, but does not hit the difficult ball properly. The shot goes past the gate on the left.


1. MinuteThe player is running. The referee is Tobias Stieler, who was still in action in the Champions League on Tuesday in the game between Barcelona and Juventus.

Before the game startsThere are two changes for the guests compared to the 2-0 defeat against Nuremberg. New to the team are Pröger and Okoroji, they replace Collins and Antwi-Adjei. The ex-Bochum Marco Terrazzino initially sits on the bench.

Before the game startsThe VfL coach does not want to surprise his ex-classmate much today, at least personally. The Bochum team start with the same team as in the recent 3-1 defeat in Kiel.

Before the game startsAfter all, Baumgart knows his counterpart on Bochum’s side – Thomas Reis – quite well. Both made the highest coaching license together in Cologne in 2015. Incidentally, both trainers do not yet have a contract for the coming season.

Before the game startsThe relegated team lost a few feathers after losing to Karlsruhe and Nuremberg, but Steffen Baumgart is confident: “I expect a very open and clear game as far as the structures are concerned, so it will be very close and very exciting.”

Before the game startsBut of course the guests from Paderborn also have their ambitions. Tenth place in the table would push VfL from 3rd place if they won by two hits. The league is already promising – above and below – a very exciting further season.

Before the game startsWho will storm the top of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga this Friday? While Greuther Fürth could already reach one point in Sandhausen, VfL Bochum has to win for this project in any case.

Before the game startsPaderborn sends these eleven into the race: Zingerle – Dörfler, Hünemeier, Schonlau, Okoroji – Pröger, Vasiliadis, Schallenberg, Ingelsson, Führich – Srbeny.

Before the game startsBochum begins as follows: Riemann – Gamboa, Bella Kotchap, Leitsch, Soares – Losilla, Tesche – Blum, Zulj, Holtmann – Zoller.

Before the game startsWelcome to the 2nd Bundesliga for the 11th matchday between VfL Bochum and SC Paderborn.

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