Victoria Beckham on Spice Girls’ 1997 appearance: “I was hungover all over the place” folks


Posh would have loved to make these recordings disappear …

Victoria Beckham video goes viral right now! It shows the designer at a Spice Girls press conference in Spain in 1997. And right from the start you just wonder: what the hell is wrong with Victoria?

During the press conference that took place on the band’s trip to Brazil in December 13 years ago, Victoria’s bandmates Mel B, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel C talked about their trip to South America. While the girls are chatting happily, Victoria seems somehow absent.

She looks completely apathetic into the camera, keeps her hands in front of her mouth, shifts nervously on her chair and touches her head. Then suddenly she jumps up in the middle of the conference and disappears.

Posh now admits: she’s had a night of drinking – with a few too many glasses …

Victoria’s video goes viral – now the ex-Spice-Girl explains her unusual appearancePhoto:

A fan on Instagram now shared the video and wrote: “I am Victoria every time I call Zoom.”

Victoria takes it with humor. In an Instagram story she explains her appearance: “In my defense I have to say: I was completely hungover.”

But not only Victoria seems to have struggled with the aftermath of a wild boom this morning. Geri also holds her head every now and then, looks nervous, giggles to himself and even sucks on her thumb in front of everyone. To make matters worse, she also shows the press the finger.

Whatever the girls rode – this video is always entertaining!

While Emma explains what kind of music she likes, Geri, for whatever reason, shows the press the finger ... pretty wild, these Spice Girls

While Emma explains what music she likes, Geri shows the press the finger – pretty wild, these Spice GirlsPhoto:

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