Vienna University of Technology presents the fastest corona test in the world


“We have been dealing with bio-chip technologies for many years,” said Prof. Peter Ertl, head of the cell-chip research group at the Institute for Chemical Technologies and Analytics at the Vienna University of Technology, quoted in the broadcast. “You work with tiny amounts of liquid that can be precisely controlled and examined in the fine channels of a bio-chip. It is precisely these technologies that can now be used to develop a highly sensitive corona rapid test.”

First, suitable antibodies are attached to the biochip, which can hold the virus in question. If the examined sample contains viruses, these are fixed there. Then another very special type of antibody comes into play: They can move freely, but have a nanoparticle made of gold. These antibodies bind to the fixed virus, so each virus is marked with a tiny piece of gold.

This marking is now allowed to grow – with the help of a silver solution. The silver atoms attach to the gold, and wherever there is a virus, a silver complex with a golden core forms. After a short time, this precious metal structure is so large that it creates an electrical contact between two electrodes. Suddenly electricity flows, a lamp lights up – and that is proof that there must have been a virus between the electrodes.

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