ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios are teaming up to tackle outdated notions with “HIV in View” – a unique online photo gallery dedicated to HIV


ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios today launched their new online photo gallery „HIV in View“ which is produced by Shutterstock in partnership with ViiV Healthcare. The collection, curated with the help of HIV-infected people, draws on Shutterstock’s global network of over a million creatives, and includes a collection of high-resolution images that realistically depict the lives of HIV-positive people. HIV-infected people in four countries (Great Britain, Kenya, Uruguay, Portugal) started to be the first to be photographed for this gallery. Together they are committed to changing perceptions about HIV in the world and to dispelling outdated stereotypes. From World AIDS Day 2020, the gallery will be freely accessible to everyone and can be used for projects, campaigns and messages * – in the hope of raising awareness of HIV and overcoming prejudices that still exist.

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