Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter: “Gesture of charity”


Star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter gives concerts in churches for her colleagues who are currently suffering severe losses. Now she was in the cathedral.

Bright light shines in the cathedral parish hall. The wing is covered. The music stands are empty. Water and snacks are on a table. Star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter und her quartet colleagues Mohamed Hiber, Leonhard Elschenbroich und Hwayoon Lee iWarmed up in the cathedral. They will soon be accompanying the mass musically in the church. Her goal: The exceptional artist collects money for freelance colleagues in need. She has already been to some cities. More are to follow.

The Main metropolis was on her list, “because this city is one of the most important cities in my life – because of its fantastic musical tradition that is cultivated here, because of the big festivals that take place between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt,” says Mutter. “Since we cannot play in the opera, we are very grateful that the cathedral has given us a musical home and also has open ears for our concerns about drawing attention to the urgent and urgent plight of the artists. We play for the Corona- Emergency aid fund of the German Orchestra Foundation, which was founded in March and here in Frankfurt for the Kunstkulturkirche. ” In addition, so many more people were behind an event. “We artists are just the tip of the iceberg,” said the 57-year-old.

“I want to do everything humanly possible to show my solidarity with my music colleagues. But it is also a gesture of charity,” says mother about her motivation. “And not only for the musicians, but also for the people who go to church and who are looking for hope and emotional contact in this sacred place.”

Music and church history are inextricably linked – especially through Christmas. “For me it is a family celebration, a time that I am very much looking forward to and in which I see my children within the smallest permitted framework. It is the best two weeks of the year,” says Anne-Sophie Mutter, who actually only has a wish: “That we all get through the pandemic in good health, that everyone who is sick will be healthy and that the vaccination will have no side effects.” In March, she was sick with Covid-19 herself. “Of course I panicked after the diagnosis, but then quickly caught myself and yes, I was very lucky.” The pandemic is a great stress test for you and all musicians, but the services with musical accompaniment are requiems for the deceased, the doctors and nurses who risk their lives every day. “We have to look to the future with charity in our hearts and not ruthlessly insist on rights that endanger others and that result in an extension of the lockdown.”

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