Volkswagen shares still lower: VW boss Diess expects market-ready robot cars from 2025 | 07.12.20


Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess expects autonomous cars to be ready for the market in just a few years.

“I expect that there will be market-ready, self-driving cars between 2025 and 2030,” he said in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche. The reason for this is that “the performance of the required computer chips doubles every 18 months”.

With the artificial intelligence used, the development is going even faster: “It is foreseeable that the systems will soon be able to cope with the complex situations involved in autonomous driving. Tesla will come up with a system in which the performance is opposite next year the previous one is tripled. ”

The VW boss considers the high stock market valuation of companies that deal with autonomous driving to be justified: “If all taxis and trucks drive autonomously at some point, that justifies a high valuation. Especially in countries with high wages, for example in the USA or Europe, enormous savings are conceivable. ”

VW stocks temporarily lose 1.50 percent on XETRA to 143.24 euros.


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