Voluntary social year in Stuttgart: Christmas abroad – Stuttgart


Aiana Kurmanova is spending Christmas in Stuttgart for the second time. She hasn’t been back to her home country of Kyrgyzstan for almost a year and a half. Foto: Simon Granville/Simon Granville

Three volunteers from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Colombia stay in Stuttgart over the holidays – not all of them voluntarily. Due to the corona, they have not been in their home countries for a long time. How do you feel?

Stuttgart – Aiana Kurmanova wants to hug her mother. After almost a year and a half away from home, it would be time for it again. The 21-year-old Kyrgyz woman sits in her apartment in Leonberg, puts her arms around herself, practically hugs herself, thus making her heart’s desire clear. “Sometimes I feel homesick,” she says, “and I miss my little brothers.” She had already considered flying back to Kyrgyzstan in the summer, but the plane tickets were too expensive. Now she will stay in Stuttgart over Christmas – and will experience the second corona lockdown far away from the family. On December 24th, the 21-year-old is even working in a nursing home in Stuttgart – she is doing a voluntary social year (FSJ).

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