“Wait and see what the future will look like”


Dietrich Mateschitz knows that Red Bull Racing no longer has time to decide which engine will be used in Formula 1 after 2021. According to the owner of Red Bull, there are still several options. Mateschitz is also discussing the extension of the contract with Liberty Media to organize the Austrian GP.

Honda has withdrawn as an engine supplier, so that the Austrian racing team is currently without an engine in 2022. When asked whether Red Bull Racing with AlphaTauri will still be active in Formula 1 at this point in time, Mateschitz replied LAOLA1. “”As far as we know at this point, yes. “”

Various Red Bull options

The most likely scenario is that Red Bull Technology is taking care of the current Honda engine. A development stop on the engines seems necessary anyway. “”There are multiple possibilities. We could work with another established manufacturer or consider doing it ourselves. This has not yet been decided, but it should be clear soon. We need a year of preparation,” he explains.

Although Mateschitz does not yet dare to say out loud that Red Bull and AlphaTauri will continue to compete at the height of motorsport in the years to come, Red Bull Group has signed a deal with Liberty Media that will maintain the Grand Prix d Austria in Calendar for the years to come. “”The contract has a term of three years. We didn’t want to get involved anymore because we have to wait and see what the future will look like – in Formula 1, in business, in the world. “

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