Walking through Germany in 30 days for a good cause


1254.9 kilometers and 19,293 meters in altitude in 28 running days and two rest days through four federal states: some people cover this distance by car on vacation, for Markus Marschhuser, now 28, from Obereisenheim, it was one of the greatest adventures of his life it in a press release from the children’s hospice Sternenzelt Mainfranken.

The passionate rider crossed Germany on foot from north to south, starting at the Danish border north of Flensburg along long-distance hiking trails and rivers through his home town of Schweinfurt / Wrzburg to the border behind Garmisch. “The run up to the Zugspitze was actually the goal of the last stage, but the onset of winter with more than a meter of fresh snow unfortunately made it impossible. Unfortunately, it was only the less demanding cycle path on the last kilometers from Garmisch to the border,” explained Marsh houses.

An escort vehicle from the Lffler dealership was available to him for two thirds of the way. This was driven in different sections by his brother and friends who looked after the runners on the route. Furthermore, he was accompanied by various runners in several stages. In the evening the burned calories had to be fetched back, but this did not work every time.

Two pairs of shoes were worn out and he had to go without a shower for three days. Even a frost after a third of the distance could not dissuade the runner from his plan. Still, he would do it again and again. “I found it remarkable how the country and people changed along the way and that there are sections in Germany where there is really nothing to be found apart from forest and wilderness,” said the student.

He was also traveling for a good cause. Two local social associations, the children’s hospice Sternenzelt Mainfranken from Marktheidenfeld and the Wrzburg association Hermine for the care and help of refugees, were supported with its RATC 2020 (Run Across The Country) project. After a successful run, various sponsors agreed to donate and so a total of 10,235 euros could be “run” with the private donations. Depending on the donor’s goal, these are divided into 4,220 euros for Hermine eV and 6,015 euros for the Sternenzelt children’s hospice.

At an appointment in Marktheidenfeld, Sonja Klein was very pleased and grateful to receive this donation check for the Sternenzelt children’s hospice association. The association accompanies and supports families with children and adolescents who are critically ill as well as children of families in which one parent is critically ill.

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