Warning of corona tests from gas stations and supermarkets


Two companies from North Rhine-Westphalia have illegally launched rapid corona tests nationwide. The Cologne district government warns of catastrophic consequences.

The district government of Cologne has warned of two corona rapid tests that were illegally marketed nationwide. If not used by professionals, they could have “catastrophic infection consequences”.

As the authority announced on Monday evening, such rapid tests have been illegally placed on the market at gas stations, supermarkets, veterinary practices, breweries and many other places.

District government warns of false negative tests

The district government warned against supposed safety through false negative tests when improper use by laypeople – especially before the upcoming holidays. A risk of injury cannot be ruled out either.

According to the information, the tests were brought into circulation by a company from North Rhine-Westphalia and can therefore be freely purchased by private customers without specialist knowledge.

Affected are the products “Covid-19 Ag Test” from the manufacturer nal von minden GmbH and “blnk Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (Swab)” from the manufacturer Hangzhou Realy Tech Co. The district government urgently warns untrained private individuals before buying and using the rapid test independently.

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