Weather – Stuttgart – First snowfall brings many accidents in the southwest – Panorama


Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The first snow has caused many accidents and traffic disruptions in Baden-Württemberg. The Heilbronn police headquarters counted 70 accidents on Tuesday morning, in 9 cases people were injured, how serious is still unclear, it said. “The traffic service is on the streets with everything that is possible,” said the spokesman. In Bad Rappenau (Heilbronn district) there were also two articulated lorries in the Grombach district. “Nothing is moving at the moment”.

The Pforzheim Police Headquarters counted more than 20 accidents on winter roads. Only two people were slightly injured, a spokesman said in the morning.

On Tuesday night, a driver skidded on a slippery road on Autobahn 8 near Heimsheim (Enzkreis) and rolled over several times – he was slightly injured, as the police said. A slippery road accident on Autobahn 81 near Ehningen (Böblingen district) turned out less light, a 55-year-old woman was seriously injured. In Oberkochen (Ostalbkreis), a 31-year-old car driver got off the road on a slippery road, slid down an embankment and rolled over. She was slightly injured, as the Aalen police headquarters announced.

In the Lörrach district, too, there were accidents on many roads in the morning. In some cases, this resulted in significant traffic disruptions, five people were slightly injured, as the Freiburg police headquarters announced.

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