Wedding at first sight: Decision of the autumn couple: They want to stay married


They dared the big TV experiment by marrying a stranger. A few weeks later, the “wedding at first sight” couples had to decide: marriage or divorce?

Your wedding should be the highlight of this year’s “Wedding at First Sight” season, but Corona thwarted your plans. Ariane (30) and Martin (36) as well as Janina (37) and Dennis (38) only said yes in November and had to decide two and a half weeks later: Will they stay a married couple or will they go their separate ways again?


Wedding at first sight
The couples sign prenuptial agreements before the wedding!
With many a “wedding at first sight” couple, the marriage experiment does not work, they separate again. But how is the property divided up again afterwards?

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A direct hit for “wedding at first sight” couples

While Ariane and Martin looked like they were in love from day one, Janina and Dennis had friction during the getting to know each other. But the two quickly overcome this. Lo and behold: While most of the summer couples left this year as “separate people”, the HadeB autumn couples were hit hard, all four decided to marry!

Above all Ariane and Martin surprised with the admission that they had not spent a day apart from each other since they said yes. Janina and Dennis are not that far yet, but you can tell that they feel more and more comfortable around each other.

Wedding at first sight

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Ariane and Martin are a real top match. They naturally chose marriage.

Wedding at first sight

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Even if Janina and Dennis are not as obviously cuddly as Ariane and Martin, they also worked.

Dr. Kohldörfer is disappointed with the HadeB couples

The four had a 100% success rate and certainly made the matching experts feel good. Because the fact that four out of five couples split up among the summer couples, of all things, affected them. Dr. Sandra Kohldörfer said shortly after the TV show on Instagram: “Yes, I am partly disappointed. And that’s not supposed to be the point of throwing the gun in the field too early. “She believes that there were a lot of” great men “there this year, but the women repeatedly rejected them for no reason one cannot say of the autumn couples!

Do you already know Dr. Kohldörfer with straight hair and without glasses? We’ll show you the matching expert in a new look:

With straight hair & without glasses!  We would not have recognized her in this old photo

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