Wedding at first sight: Wiebke on the verge of collapse


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Five couples who got married when they first met had to decide: Do you want to continue the lightning marriage or end the TV experiment with a divorce? This year’s season of the TV-Ratz-Fatz pairing “Wedding at a Glance” on Sat.1 showed the grand finale of the 7th season on Wednesday (December 16).

And of the five couples, one couple has apparently really fallen in love with each other: They not only stay married, but have even moved into a shared apartment: Annika and Manuel.

“Wedding at first sight”: Much criticism of the love between Wiebke and Norbert

And these two caused a lot of excitement among the audience from the start: Norbert (59) and Wiebke (53). They haven’t looked for each other and apparently haven’t found one either – even if it looked different at the beginning of this year’s season.

There were pure feelings of happiness when the two met. Norbert even spoke profusely of the “six in the lottery”, Wiebke was also speechless, as she said. But then spontaneous love showed its unsightly side.

“Wedding at first sight”: love was not a lucky star

The nerves were on edge. And in the final it showed how blank.

The lightning marriage was not a lucky star from the start: The wedding night ended in the emergency room because Norbert is seriously ill. He came to the hospital in severe pain. Diagnosis: attack of gout.

But there were also more and more difficulties outside of the emergency room: Norbert stated that he could not discuss properly with Wiebke. “Because she seldom withdraws from her opinion.” Wiebke finds Norbert “too hot and in need of communication.”

The sixth in the lottery seemed to be turning into a wrong fifty. Wiebke said to Norbert: “There is no spark, I’ll break off here now. I don’t want to anymore, ”he says.

“Wedding at first sight”: Trailer shows Wiebke’s collapse

Many fans had suggested to Norbert on the net to “look for something better.” They believe that Wiebke is not interested in a relationship at all, she is only interested in fame. Ouch. But Norbert held on to her, wanted to improve, the hope of a happy ending rose briefly.

The finale now showed that the mood for the two was probably down again. The warm Norbert, the cool and distant-looking Wiebke. “At the beginning both looked so happy, they fit together so well,” said the other participants of the two as they all looked at the reviews of the individual couples. But everything turned out differently. “Love failed”, was how Wiebke summarized it.

On the day of the decision, Norbert declared: “Now we fight with hard bandages.” He does not know why the experiment failed with the two. At the same time, Wiebke explained that she didn’t feel well at all, she felt weak. “I was amazed how quickly Norbert saw a potential in love,” said Wiebke. That scared and deterred them at the same time.

During the finale, Wiebke suddenly collapses, as can be seen in a video from Sat.1. She is on the verge of collapse. “She’s about to fall from her chair,” calls out candidate Daniela. Norbert quickly opened a window. Why Wiebke felt so bad remained unclear.

“Wedding at first sight”: Wiebke leaves the building alone

In the final interview, Wiebke also said that she wasn’t feeling well. To add clarified that she has no feelings. And apologized to Norbert for her very rough manner: “I hope we stay in contact.” Norbert in turn returned Wiebke’s wedding present to her. They both decided to divorce in the end.

After the decision, the 52-year-old then left the building – alone and without Norbert. She went to the hotel to rest.

“Wedding at first sight”: who is still together?

  • Daniela and René (divorce): Daniela refrained from René during the season because – she said – she doesn’t like the tattoos and his smoking. The wedding already looked rather cool, both kept their distance. Daniela had doubts from the start: “It’s so uptight between us.” Later, both of them even took off their wedding ring for a few days after only a few days of marriage. “If I notice that it doesn’t fit from the ground up, it doesn’t fit,” says Daniela. She decided over René’s head – and stopped the experiment. When René sees the review in the finale, he bursts into tears. “It was nice to see that he also has emotions,” comments Daniela. She sums up: “There is a man I don’t want to spend the future with.” Two disappointed people who are very different. The consequence: Both want a divorce.
  • Annika and Manuel (marriage): From the beginning, both were very happy with their involuntarily chosen partner. But even if the butterflies weren’t always there, as they both confessed, they continued their TV marriage. You fought on and declared that you wanted to continue working on the future. “You make the best of it”, Annika sums up to the others. And in fact both found that they quickly had a relationship “that you can build on.” Lisa: “We’re on the right track.” Manuel even got down on his knees at the end and thanked Annika with a bouquet of flowers she entered his life. A happiness that moves everyone to tears. Both decided to continue the marriage. And shortly afterwards they even moved in together.
  • Emily and Robert (divorce): The beginning immediately seemed “perfect” for both of them. At first everything looks like great luck. But there were sticking points here as well: Robert seems a bit too stiff to Emily, is too cerebral. Emily is impulsive and looks for faults with Robert. “There were a few moments when we weren’t green,” says Emily. “You are a head person, I am a heart person. We talked past each other. ”While Emily sees the relationship as ended, Robert seeks time to“ synchronize ”the love. He fought for marriage – unsuccessfully. While Emily wanted a divorce, Robert wanted marriage.
  • Lisa and Michael (friendship): Lisa bursts into tears when she sees the marriage look back in the finale. Without hesitation, they both said “yes” at the wedding ceremony, looking very happy. Both got physical quickly, quickly getting very close in the hotel. “You can laugh a lot together and have fun together,” said the other participants. They saw in both of them a dream couple. But it quickly became too much for Lisa, also because Michael was further than she, she explained in the final. Both found that the spark was missing. But who knows what the time will bring. In the end, both decided in favor of “friendship”. (mg)

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