Weekly horoscope Gemini: Your horoscope week from December 14th – 20.12.2020


Weekly horoscope Gemini from December 14th – 20.12.2020 | Horoscope for week 51: Everything for love, work and health. ✓ free ✓ for men & women | DAY24

How will the new one Horoscope Week for the zodiac sign Gemini? Are you climbing the corporate ladder or maybe you meet the long-awaited partner for life? Are you in top shape or is it time for more sport and exercise? The Weekly horoscope for twins from December 14th – 20.12.2020 will inform you about the opportunities and surprises as well as the hurdles and challenges that will come your way in the new week.
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Love and partnership

Anyone who flirts with you now is charming, but also unpredictable and eccentric. Don’t expect something permanent from it. A problem will become noticeable in partnership. Remember your duties and seek conversation. Slow down your impetus a little. Someone would much rather get to know your romantic side. Be approachable. You have to pull yourself together now, otherwise you will act over the top. You now tend to be rash and cocky. Attention!

health and fitness

You seem a bit weak and weak, swim or walk against it. Wait, you will be very balanced in the next few days. Listen more to your body’s needs. Try again to reactivate your athletic skills. Physical activity is good for you.

Job and finance

Even well-intentioned advice could now go against your ideas. You come to the full train, your talents are in great demand. You can only really relax when you have done annoying tasks. So work first, then pleasure! Your business will thrive when you work with others and overcome challenges as a team. Pay attention to advice and use it for you.

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