Werder Bremen: Eren Dinkci’s dream debut because “Boro” was persistent


Mainz – More first time is not really possible: Eren Dinkci played for the first time when he was appointed to the squad and scored his first Bundesliga goal with his first contact with the ball. The 19-year-old was also the match winner in the all-important 1-0 victory of SV Werder Bremen at FSV Mainz 05.

And who does he owe that to? Assistant coach Tim Borowski, who stubbornly stayed on the ball with his boss Florian Kohfeldt on Saturday with a very special gut feeling until the coach of the SV Werder Bremen Eren Dinkci actually came on shortly before the end – and with it the victory.

“’Boro’ told me all day and again when I went out to the stadium that there are days like that – and today is one of those days Eren Dinkci Day“, Reported Kohfeldt and confessed with a big grin on his face:” Then I listened to a national player. “After all, Borowski played 33 times for Germany, plus 236 times for Germany Bundesliga (For Werder Bremen and FC Bayern). After all, he managed 34 goals. And apparently he has retained a sense of who might meet next. Or does Borowski have such inspirations more often that then didn’t come true? “I only report on the inner workings of the coaching team if the stories develop positively,” replied Kohfeldt with an even broader grin on his face.

Werder Bremen: Eren Dinkci against Mainz 05 only in the squad because four offensive players were missing

The Dinkci story was just too good. The forward talent only had it in the Framework Made it because Leonardo Bittencourt was no longer able to work after an ankle injury in the final training session. In addition, Niclas Füllkrug, Davie Selke and Milot Rashica were already missing due to injuries, so one was urgent striker second hand. And Eren Dinkci has scored seven goals in eight games for the U23 in this regional league season until the Corona break. He was also able to draw positive attention to himself in training with the professionals.

He’s a clipper. That’s why it has Werder Bremen Signed almost two years ago – “from a smaller Bremen club that stands for good youth work”, Kohfeldt praised SC Borgfeld, who has already produced Dortmund’s international Julian Brandt. In January, Dinkci signed a contract with Werder until 2022, but initially let himself be loaned to his old club to end the season with his friends in the U19. That fits his style.

Werder Bremen: Eren Dinkci’s goal against Mainz 05 “no luck”, but “very well done”

“He’s a very calm, reserved guy, doesn’t talk that much. He is very, very hardworking. He’s not excessive at all, ”said Kohfeldt about Eren Dinkciwho, in addition to SC Borgfeld, also has Hemelinger SV and ATSV Sebaldsbrück in his vita. And these clubs can now tell their boys that it is possible for them to go to the Bundesliga to get. It doesn’t always have to be a professional club’s junior performance center.

In his first year in Werder, Dinkci scored 22 goals in 20 games in the U19 Bundesliga. In the U23, the Turkish U19 international (one mission) in the Regionalliga Nord continued like this. “He has characteristics that are difficult to learn: speed, depth, a nose,” reported Kohfeldt and praised: “He has already made the goal really well. The move to be there wasn’t luck, it was very well done. ”When Tahith Chong crossed, Dinkci was his opponent from Mainz 05 cleverly escaped and then bravely headed to the ball in the five-meter space. Five minutes after being substituted on, just before the end of regular time. A release for him SV Werder Bremen, who was able to end his winless series of nine games without three and four defeats in a row.

Werder Bremen: Talent Eren Dinkci could have a difficult time with the professionals

But despite all the joy about the goal and especially the match winner, Kohfeldt warned: “I don’t want anyone Hype, I know what that can mean for these guys. ”The coach recalled Johannes Eggestein and Josh Sargent, who also scored in his first game with his first contact almost exactly two years ago. The expectations of these young players were suddenly enormous. But it doesn’t work without the necessary patience. Not even with Eren Dinkci. After all, the 19-year-old still has a lot to work on. For example, the security of the passport or the behavior in the room – and with the upper body and legs, “a little stability”, said Kohfeldt and recommended Talent This indirectly means regular visits to the weight room.

The native of Bremen will certainly not be told twice. He is not yet allowed to speak in public, Werder Bremen wants to protect him. This has become a tradition among young players. Kohfeldt deliberately leaves something open as to how things will continue with Dinkci among the professionals. “I’m not preventing anything,” he said, but also pointed out that it could be difficult for Dinkci if the well-known trio Füllkrug, Rashica, Selke return in January. That is part of developing a talent. A dinkci has to go through that, but the beginning was very promising: “Eren showed today that he is a Bundesliga goal can make. That’s a very good quality when you have it. “(Kni)

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