Werder Bremen: Toprak and Bittencourt fit in the cup? That’s what Kohfeldt says


Bremen – Leonardo Bittencourt had it the day before the SV Werder Bremen game in Mainz, Ömer Toprak then during the game – but the Werder duo could still be in the DFB Cup against Hannover 96 on Wednesday evening.

At least that’s what coach Florian Kohfeldt hopes: “We’ll have to wait and see, there isn’t much time, but it might work.” Leonardo Bittencourt was in the final training of on Friday Werder Bremen bent over. The foot was swollen, so a trip to Mainz made no sense. Omar Toprak got a kick on the Achilles tendon in the first half, then held out until the 54th minute. “He’s already doing better,” said Kohfeldt on Sunday. It shouldn’t be a major injury at Toprak. That’s why Kohfeldt hopes that he can use his currently best central defender in Hanover as well as Bittencourt in attack. (knee)

Bitter: Unlucky Ömer Toprak injured himself again during the SV Werder Bremen game in Mainz.

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To the last message from December 19, 2020:

Nothing muscular, but Werder could still miss Ömer Toprak in Hannover

Mainz – The game for Ömer Toprak in Mainz was over in the 54th minute – and at SV Werder Bremen the concern was once again great. Because too often in the past, the defender has been out with an injury for a long time. After the game, coach Florian Kohfeldt was at least able to give the all-clear: “Fortunately, it’s not muscular.”

Had such problems quite often Omar Toprak led to compulsory breaks. This time it was a kick on the Achilles tendon, which resulted in an unplanned replacement of the defense chief of the SV Werder Bremen flowed. Even before the break, Toprak had caught it in a duel with Robin Quaison. The 31-year-old bit his teeth, received treatment at halftime and came back again. Until the pain was obviously too great and he could no longer walk properly.

Next injury: Werder Bremen cannot risk doing without Ömer Toprak any longer

Toprak made way for Milos Veljkovicwho had been out since the end of October due to adductor problems. It is quite possible that Veljkovic will have to replace 96 Toprak in the second round of the DFB Cup at the second division Hannover 96 on Wednesday. “It’s a very short week,” said Kohfeldt about Toprak’s chances. Further investigations should show on Sunday and Monday whether an operation is possible at all. His failure would weigh heavily, the ex-Dortmund has been the undisputed head of defense for weeks. On the other hand, it can Werder Bremen don’t risk it any longer Omar Toprak having to do without. (kni) Also interesting: Who is this Eren Dinkci? Juventus wanted him, now he’s scoring for Werder Bremen!

To the last message from November 25, 2020:

Werder Bremen at VfL Wolfsburg – the next tricky job awaits Ömer Toprak

Bremen – Robert Lewandowski has been playing in the Bundesliga for ten years, and the Pole has been scoring goals on the assembly line for ten years. Clemens Fritz used to try his best as an opponent on the pitch to prevent the Pole from doing so. Since the end of his own career, he has only watched others try it. Often unsuccessful, as Lewandowski’s 247 Bundesliga goals in 328 games prove. On Saturday, however, Fritz had seen something that amazed him. “I can’t remember a game in which Robert Lewandowski went down like that and was barely visible,” said the head of professional football at SV Werder Bremen after Bremen’s 1-1 at Lewandowski’s FC Bayern and did what many others had done before him since the weekend: he knocked Omar Toprak on the shoulders.

Although it was not solely due to him that the Lewandowski goal machine did not get going, Toprak’s share can certainly be described as large. “Ömer gave us a lot of stability – both in the air and in the ground battles,” praised Fritz before he looked back at the next game and the next big challenge Omar Toprak and Co. was steered. Must be on Friday SV Werder Bremen at the VfL Wolfsburg compete. Then the special challenge is no longer Robert Lewandowski, but Wout Weghorst.

Of course, the collar size of the two strikers is not really the same. Lewandowski’s market value is 60 million euros, Weghorst’s half. The roles are the same in the respective teams. Both of them are the goalscorer on duty. Although the Wolves, who are still unbeaten in this Bundesliga season, are stingy with goals overall, they have only nine (and thus one less than Werder Bremen), but Weghorst accounts for four of them. Which describes its importance for the team well. And with it the task for the Bremen defense. The aim must be to take the 1.97 meter long Dutchman out of the game as he did with Lewandowski.

Werder Bremen: Wout Weghorst follows Robert Lewandowski – a job for Ömer Toprak

A job for Omar Toprak – but also for others, as Fritz makes clear. In view of Weghorst’s headball strength and physical force, “it is important to prevent the flanks from outside and to always be close to the man. We must never leave him alone and always have to disturb him. If we do it the way we did in Munich, then we will have it under control. ”In the second leg of last season, that was not successful. In the absence of Toprak beheaded Wout Weghorst eight minutes before the end of the Wolfsburg winning goal to 1-0 and thus reciprocated for the 2-3 home defeat in the first half of the season, in which he also scored, Werder Bremen but in the two-time goalscorer Milot Rashica had provided the better striker that day.

Bremen hope that Milot Rashica will return to this level on Friday. That Ömer Toprak would find his form again has meanwhile turned from hope into reality. Under his direction, Werder delivered a defensive performance on Saturday that Fritz found “impressive”. The one who has been repeatedly injured in the past few months Omar Toprak was in the starting XI for the second time in a row and went over 90 minutes for the first time. These are brands that stir up hope that the 31-year-old will now be followed by a phase of continuity and stability after the long period of bad luck. But Fritz would prefer not to talk about injuries to the experienced central defender in order to “not yell at anything”, as he puts it with a portion of superstition. That is why he leaves it with an assessment like this: “We are pleased that Ömer is available to us in a good state of fitness. I hope that he will continue to use the weekend’s performance in the next few games. “

Clemens Fritz: “Ömer Toprak is an incredibly important player for Werder Bremen”

Toprak’s value for the team consists not only of winning duels and crosses beheaded from the penalty area, but also of experience and charisma. The best example of Bavaria: the former Turkish international had won four times in his career with Leverkusen and Dortmund against Munich – and on the pitch he exuded a sense of self that no other Bremen player who was in the starting line-up with him lacked previous experience could have. What Omar Toprak communicated to colleagues with approach, performance and probably also words, was this: No, it is not hopeless against the FC Bayern to play! And yes, you can get something against Munich! So it happened. Under the 1: 1, the first partial success of the SV Werder Bremen against Bayern after 22 defeats in a row, Toprak’s signature was very clear. Fritz describes the bonus that the defensive man brings with him as follows: “He’s an incredibly important player for us. Not only on the pitch, but also inside the cabin. We are totally satisfied, he does it really well. “

Must be on Friday Omar Toprak Don’t let the team believe in their chance alone, because everyone in Bremen knows that there is something for them in Wolfsburg. Said 3-2 victory almost exactly a year ago was a glimmer of hope during a difficult time in Bremen, but it quickly faded. Only disappointments followed until Christmas – four games, four bankruptcies. So that the same thing is not said later about the 1: 1 in Munich, should Werder Bremen refill in the VW arena. With Toprak’s help. (csa) Also interesting: This is how you can see Werder Bremen’s Bundesliga game against VfL Wolfsburg live on TV and live stream.

To the last message from November 16, 2020:

Breathe a sigh of relief at Werder Bremen! Ömer Toprak wasn’t injured – he was fit again immediately

This is good news for you Omar Toprak and Werder Bremen: The central defender was not seriously injured in the friendly against FC St. Pauli.

Everything had indicated a thigh injury, it seemed after a running duel Omar Toprak the muscle causing problems. But now you can Werder Bremen Give the all-clear: “The pain during the test match radiated from the back,” announced the club on Twitter on Saturday. “The blockage has been released and he is available for the next training session.”

News that Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt will be happy to hear. Because in Milos Veljkovic (adductor problems) the other right central defender is already threatening to be canceled before the difficult away game at Bayern Munich next Saturday. In addition, he was unlucky Omar Toprak only just got up to the starting line-up and delivered a convincing performance against 1. FC Köln last match day. (han)

For the first report from November 13, 2020:

Werder Bremen: Ömer Toprak again! Defender replaced injured in the test

Bremen – Does Ömer Toprak’s losing streak never come to an end? The SV Werder Bremen central defender almost completely missed the past season, the new season did not go well and now, when his fitness and form curve finally showed up, he was injured again.

In the test game of the SV Werder Bremen against FC St. Pauli (2-4) on Friday Omar Toprak can be replaced after 35 minutes. In a running duel, he had no action from the opponent injured, was treated immediately afterwards on the right rear thigh and escorted to the cabin. Young man Maik Nawrocki came into the game for him.

Werder Bremen: Ömer Toprak injured his thigh in the test match

“The muscles in the Thigh has closed, ”said Frank Baumann, head of sports at SV Werder Bremen, at “Sky”. “We hope he is no longer out. We’ll have to wait for the next few days. ”And coach Florian Kohfeldt said:“ I don’t want to dramatize it, but I can’t give the all-clear either. ”The injury would be extremely bitter for Werder. Not only because Toprak got it again, but also because in Milos Veljkovic Toprak’s direct competitor for the position as right central defender has to take a break with adductor problems.

Actually had Omar Toprak now at Werder Bremen want to start again. In his starting XI debut this season against 1. FC Köln, he showed a convincing performance. “Of course I’m not at 100 percent yet. You could see in the game that I haven’t been fit for 90 minutes, ”said the former Turkish international afterwards. That’s why he should now collect more match practice in the Werder test match against FC St. Pauli. “The game is very important to me, every minute is helping me.” Now threatens Werder Bremen Just before the Bundesliga game in just over a week against the super offensive of FC Bayern Munich (Saturday, November 21, 3:30 p.m.) a big defensive problem. (han)

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