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Germany’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp, will introduce some new functions at the end of the year. However, there is one limitation for users.

  • The messenger WhatsApp* * performs a violent in December 2020 modification a.
  • user Automatically receive news about new ones characteristics and Changes.
  • WHO WhatsApp wanted to Innovations agree.

Kassel – After Christmas comes from there WhatsApp another gift in the form of a Update. But not every user should like this. While some changes are comfortable for users, a new service can put many users off. But the good news first.

Has in the past WhatsApp Several new functions * introduced – also in the last few days: With the current update several new ones Background images for the Chats made available. Hearts for the sister, the pet for the father – wallpapers can also be customized with your own photos Messenger App can be variably adapted in individual chats.

developer WhatsApp Inc./Facebook Inc.
Year of publication 2009
category Instant Messaging
German speaking and

Just like the competitor Snap Chat Available at WhatsApp recently the opportunity for expires news. These are notifications that change after seven days in the case of WhatsApp automatically from the conversation Transparent.

WhatsApp update for Christmas: Messenger wants to connect with users

In addition, a Position introduced what makes it easier for users to have multiple chats and pictures at the same time Transparent can do even more storage area win. The company announced both on the internet platform Twitter. But also the possibility of one Chat not just temporarily, but always stumm to counteris New.

But that wasn’t all: he plans for the future WhatsApp courier service even news to its users to use in Contact stand with them. So WhatsApp wants its own Range enlarge. The company was previously headquartered in Dublin, Ireland Innovations the video platform via his blog Youtube or in social networks like Twitter announced, the Irish want to break new ground. Because often go Changes and new Functions to the user Over.

WhatsApp will introduce a new service in December 2020: if you disagree, you will no longer be able to use Messenger in the future. (Symbol image)

© Fabian Sommer / dpa

WhatsApp update: Messages from Messenger reach every user

That should change now, as merkur.de reports and WhatsApp is planning a brutal change *: With it should Innovations im WhatsApp in the future directly in the app to the user communicated, so the plan. It could be in the News app in the future give an area in which Changes shown to the user, also suspicious WABetaInfo.

With this Additive WhatsApp is intended to prevent technology laypeople from becoming aware of innovations through the media. IT professionals find this innovation very useful Information leaks close to.

Yet there is one hook. So WhatsApp indirectly Contact to his user You have to react actively to the new Terms of Use by doing App agree. This is for information WABetaInfo but only until 08.02.2021 possible. Who the new conditions to Best before date disagrees if there is Courier service WhatsApp can no longer be used in the future.

A big step in the messenger service: users have to agree to the WhatsApp update

The company, headquartered in Ireland, is taking a drastic step. So far they have been right user the Terms of Use once after downloading and setting up App and so gave all the following Innovations passively, it’s okay to keep using it.

But this time everything is different: The modification to more transparency and more accessible information is so great that there is active consent the WhatsAppuser required. The downside is that users who don’t act in a timely manner can lose access to the app.

WhatsApp now has a new feature that deletes messages after seven days. Read what users need to know here. The EU wants encryption in messaging services like WhatsApp and bypass the signal through a back door. Privacy advocates are alarmed. (tli) * hna.de and merkur.de are part of the national editorial network Ippen-Digital.

Cover picture: © Fabian Sommer / Bildallianz

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