WhatsApp even better: Long-awaited chat feature lands on Android and iOS


With around 100 billion messages sent every day, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger worldwide. The developers provide new features and functions for the app at regular intervals, which should make it even more pleasant and easier to use. As WhatsApp has now announced, a number of new updates will be rolled out for all users in the next few days.
Probably the most exciting innovation concerns the background images for user and group chats: After the update, users can choose custom wallpapers for each chat – the first hints of this feature appeared in the beta version of the Messenger a few weeks ago. This means: users can set an individual background image for each conversation in order to personalize the user experience even more. Up to now, it was only possible to set a background image that could then be seen in all chats.
To provide even more variety, WhatsApp offers several new types of wallpapers:
  • The standard doodle wallpapers will be available in many new colors in the future
  • In addition, numerous new chat backgrounds are made available, including various landscapes and iconic designs from around the world
  • In the future, users will be able to choose between wall papers for standard and dark mode. If you switch from one mode to the other, the selected background adapts automatically

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