WhatsApp is planning enormous changes – and those who do not agree will be kicked out


WhatsApp is preparing a change – which must be accepted by users, otherwise they will no longer be able to use Messenger.

  • How brings in Messenger service Innovations and information best for the man?
  • WhatsApp* so far only informs its users about this in the Social networks and in one Blog.
  • The Information leakThe group would now like to plug this that arises – and that has its price.

Dublin – It’s a small but crucial change that is now on WhatsApp user * should come. In the last few weeks you could already see some innovations in the popular Messenger-App observe – Technology experts think these are really useful and long overdue, as they improve the services of the App – especially in comparison to the often somewhat more progressive competition – enormous. So had WhatsApp A few days ago, more background images were made available for chats, which can now be used in different ways from chat to chat.

Only recently was the option for expiring messages introduced, as well as a practical function that the user more memory can provide. The group informed about this in each case Twitter. Now plans WhatsApp apparently a new coup * – the Messenger service wants to be in direct contact with its users from now on and be able to send them messages. Digital mail with the Sender’s WhatsApp will therefore be found in the news feed in the future. About it also reported hna.de *.

WhatsApp will also send messages itself in the future

The had new functions and changes Messenger service, whose headquarters are in Irish Dublin is either above his own so far Blog, the social networks or via YouTube-Videos announced. That’s the end of it now – or WhatsApp* rather, it extends its mouthpiece. WABetaInfo according to User of the app be informed about innovations directly in the application in the future – at least that’s the plan. An update will then probably bring the novelty with it: In the Messenger-App there will be a separate area to show that WhatsApp offers a new function.

At many WhatsApp users if the innovations simply pass regularly, you would have to look at the information “get” very targeted, for example by blogging like WABetaInfo visited. With a little luck it will snap Technology layperson otherwise often more news about innovations online. With the new feature, the WhatsApp now wants to introduce this Information leak finally belong to the past. Such a direct one communication between the user and the corporation behind the Messenger has never existed before. Hold like that IT-Experten Especially this planned innovation makes perfect sense, since everyone really does Consumer can be achieved.

WhatsApp expects active user approval

But the plan has one catch – and that could be a stumbling block for the new Communication concept will. In order for the practical function to be implemented, the user has to use the new Terms of Use agree. And this possibility of active consent has a Expiry Date: WABetaInfo According to the change occurs on February 8, 2021 in force – and anyone who has not agreed to the new terms of use by then can WhatsApp do not use anymore.

More transparency and more accessible information comes at a price. The most popular took such a drastic step Messenger service of Germans never before. The Terms of Use has only been voted once for the Installation of WhatsApp to. You had to put a tick there. All other changes in the provisions were accepted from now on “passively” by the App just kept using it. So the planned change is so significant that WhatsApp wants to secure the “active OK” of its users. (cos) * tz.de and hna.de are part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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