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Backgrounds for individual chats now possible – more pre-defined options as a goal

WhatsApp: allows users to create their own wallpapers (Photo: pixabay.com, HeikoAL)

Menlo Park / Kerpen (pte028 / 01.12.2020 / 12: 30) – The messaging application WhatsApp http://whatsapp.com lets users create their own wallpapers for individual chats with immediate effect. In addition, the app should soon have a larger selection of ready-made backgrounds. According to the Facebook subsidiary, this should make it easier for users to differentiate between different online conversations.

“Customize more”

“If users can customize an app more, that improves the user experience. With WhatsApp wallpapers, for example, it would be exciting to create your own backgrounds for close contacts such as good friends or partners. This way, users have more fun and spend more time with the app. The increased use also offers new opportunities for advertising, as long as it is well integrated into the application, for example between chats, “says social media expert Tim Weisheit http://timweisheit.de in a press text interview.

According to WhatsApp, users can create an unlimited number of backgrounds. In addition to individual chats, you can also set up a wallpaper for normal mode and dark mode. In addition, it should be easier in the future to find stickers and emojis with text searches. From now on, the developers of the symbols have to mark their creations in writing to make the search easier.

More options for chats

WhatsApp wants to offer users more options for their chats in the future. For example, disappearing messages are becoming increasingly common on the application. In addition, WhatsApp users will soon be able to send their contacts muted videos without first converting them to GIFs (press release reported: http://pte.com/news/20201119024).

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