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In Egypt, a 42-year-old German tourist was attacked and injured by a shark while diving in the Red Sea.

The incident took place near the resort of Marsa Alam, which tourists particularly like to visit to watch sharks. The woman was attacked by a whitetip deep sea shark.

The area around Marsa Alam is popular with diversPhoto: picture alliance / dpa themed service

The woman is in “stable condition,” the local authorities announced. After she was rescued, five other divers took the vacationer to the nearest hospital, where a wound was sewn on her left shoulder, said the governor of the region, Amr Hanafi.

The governor ordered “all diving activities and excursions in the coral zone to be suspended for three days”. In addition, a “scientific committee” will be set up to investigate a possible “change in the behavior of the sharks” in the area.

Whitetip deep-sea sharks are large sharks with a length of up to four meters.  Attacks on people are documented (archive photo)

Whitetip deep sea sharks are large sharks with a length of up to four meters. Attacks on people are documented (archive photo)Foto: picture-alliance / OKAPIA KG, Ge

The whitetip deep-sea sharks belong to the family of gray sharks. With a length of up to four meters, they are among the great sharks and populate the world’s oceans from tropical to subtropical to moderately warm waters. Attacks on people have been documented in the past. However, the species has been pushed back by 98 percent by deep-sea fishing and is considered to be threatened with extinction. It is named after the characteristic white spots on the fins.

The sharks are considered curious and come quite close to divers. The French oceanologist Jacques Cousteau described them as the most dangerous shark species for humans.

At the end of October, the Ministry of the Environment reported several shark attacks in southern Sinai.

In 2018 a Czech tourist died in Marsa Alam after a shark attack. The 41-year-old had been on a diving holiday there with his family.
In March 2015, a German tourist died after a shark attack off the coast in the area of ​​the city of al-Qusair. The animal had bitten off the man’s lower leg.

In 2010, a German vacationer (70) was killed in a shark attack in Sharm el-Sheikh. The German had swum only about 20 meters from the beach.

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