Winter gloves do not protect against corona


In winter we increasingly use gloves to protect our hands from the cold. During the corona pandemic, however, caution is advised: the gloves do not protect against infection. So it is still important that you wash your hands regularly, even after wearing gloves.

Because Corona can be transmitted through gloves. It becomes particularly critical if you weigh yourself in a false sense of security while wearing it and could touch your face with contaminated gloves, says Sarah Tschudin from the scientific task force to the “Tamedia” media.

How the virus behaves on textile surfaces is currently still being investigated. What is already clear, however: Corona viruses do not behave the same on all textiles. It does not last as long on natural materials than on synthetic fabrics. And an Australian study showed that coronaviruses survive longer on smooth surfaces than on composite, pore-rich surfaces such as cotton.

Experts recommend washing the textiles at 60 degrees and with heavy-duty detergent. In this way, any viruses are killed with great certainty. But since commercially available washing machines often do not reach these temperatures, there remains a residual risk, explains Melanie Saner from Textilpflege Schweiz to the “Tamedia” media.

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