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Other Berlin clubs want to offer quick tests

The Berliner Kitkat Club wants to offer corona rapid tests despite the current closure from Friday and he shouldn’t be the only one: after the current partial lockdown, too, want other Berlin clubs follow suit. “The goal is not to earn money, but rather that people can move more freely again,” said the club commission spokesman, Lutz Leichsenring, on Tuesday of the German press agency.

Neighborhood centers are planned in which those willing to go out can be tested quickly and inexpensivelybefore they visit restaurants, bars or even grandma, said Leichsenring. The clubs offer enough space for this. “It is somehow obvious to use spaces that cannot be used for anything else, for such purposes,” said Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (Linke), commenting on the idea.

It is planned To offer tests for less than 20 euros in combination with software that also makes the results visible for bars and restaurants. “But it won’t be a data octopus,” said Leichsenring. It is still unclear how meaningful the tests are, but they offer a certain degree of security in order to have a nice evening.

There is great interest among the approximately 300 members in the association to participate. About 400 people with a medical education have also agreed to work, so Leichsenring. The Kitkat Club also offers the tests in collaboration with a doctor and trained staff, as it says on Facebook. There the tests cost around 25 euros. As early as October, and thus before the start of the partial lockdown, the club commission had already expressed considerations of setting up quick test areas in front of clubs. So club visits should be made possible. There, guests should be able to do a rapid corona test voluntarily, at their own expense and under the supervision of “trained medical staff”. The interior areas of the clubs have been closed since spring, and many fear for their existence. In the meantime, events in outdoor areas were possible. When clubs can reopen is unclear. (dpa)

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