Wolcen: New content DLC called “Bloodtrail” released


For the A-RPG Wolcen, a new content DLC called Bloodtrail was released today. Bloodtrail expands the main game with extensive new gameplay content, features, a narrative storyline and other general improvements.

New content in Chronicle I: Bloodtrail:

  • Bloodtrail – The new game mode allows players to start fresh with a new character to gain access to certain events during the campaign and in the endgame. The hunt begins! Players must follow the tracks and track down their prey to discover their true nature. No matter if human, animal or occult forces: The goal is to follow the tracks and to face the challenge. Certain decisions make it possible to customize the final encounter with the prey in order to receive even more interesting rewards.
  • A new friend – Players no longer have to move around alone. A familiar companion animal follows and supports the character on the epic journey. Numerous companions can be discovered and taken to the heart.
  • Endgame story with events, rewards and a boss New, fully voiced events, great rewards, a unique armor model, cute baby dragon companions and a fearless boss are waiting for the players. And they should be warned. Together with the new character Ilthain from the Order of Oshara, the players have to research the events.
  • New endgame buildings and missions – Oshara’s Council sends players on the Bloodtrail missions, the Mirrormaid ship gives access to cosmetic armor items.
  • Kickstarter rewards – Wolcen Studio has not forgotten its Kickstarter backers – their support should be rewarded. As a thank you for the long support, you will be rewarded with backer companion animals and armor. The Kickstarter rewards are tradable Steam inventory items.
  • More innovations and improvements – There are new uniques, improved gameplay with a stats and balancing revision, active skill modifiers and improvements for the Gate of Fates. There is also a new player skill, a revised character sheet, many weapon improvements, expanded crafting, revised skill animations, better effects, a search bar for the Gate of Fates and much more.


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