XXL recall of snacks: Well-known manufacturer warns against, among other things, chips


The snack manufacturer Lorenz is recalling several chips and peanut products. The treats contain unmarked allergens.

  • Current callback*: Several Snack-Products are being recalled.
  • The packaging of the Chips and peanuts are not sufficiently marked.
  • For Allergy sufferers can be consumed very much dangerous will.

Kassel – The manufacturer “Lorenz Snack World“Gets some products in Germany back that with a Wasabi seasoning are provided. Reason for the recall* is the unintentional addition of the allergen mustard, which at Allergy sufferers too violent Health problems can lead.

In Germany is the identification of Allergens mandatory on food packaging. As stated by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, “Ingredients that can trigger allergic or other intolerance reactions” must always be specified.

Recall of Lorenz snacks: Chips and peanuts not sufficiently labeled

There is also a list of the 14 most common triggers for Allergies and find intolerances. This includes, among other things peanuts, Nuts and eggs. If a food label is not sufficiently listed, this may even be possible life-threatening for allergy sufferers. This is the case of one recall concerned Lorenz chips and wasabi peanuts.

The following products from the manufacturer Lorenz Snack-World are from one recall concerned and not with the allergen mustard marked why they Allergy sufferers could be extremely dangerous. Non-allergy sufferers can Chips and wasabi peanuts without any problems.

These Lorenz products are affected by the recall

  • Crunchips WOW Cream & Mild Wasabi, 110 g (MHD: 30.11.2020 – 03.05.2021)
  • Product: Wasabi peanuts, 100 g (best before: 03.11.2020 – 01.06.2021)
  • Product: Wasabi peanuts, 800 g (best before: 05.11.2020 – 26.04.2021)

Recall: Allergy sufferers could react to Lorenz snacks – customers get their money back

The consumer portal produktwarnung.eu warns regarding the Lorenz products in front of a “Intolerance reaction of allergy type 1 ”. So there is a high probability that allergy sufferers will become one immediate allergic reaction of the body immediately after or even during consumption. Merkur.de * also reported on the recall.

The company “Lorenz Snack World” is recalling several chips and peanut products (symbol picture).

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Lorenz Snack-World asks the customers for forgiveness and calls Allergy sufferers to do that Chips and not to eat wasabi peanuts. “This can lead to sensitive allergy sufferers Intolerance reactions lead, ”says the company’s website. The products are currently being removed from the stores. Without too Cash voucher receive Customers your money back in retail.

Consumer portal praises Lorenz Snack-World: the recall is communicated “extensively and without reservation”

Dealing with the recall is on the part of the consumer portal product warning with a green thumb rated. Accordingly, inform the manufacturer Lorenz Snack-World the customers “extensive and unconditionally on different levels of information”. This ensures “that as many end users as possible receive these information also received ”. (Nail Akkoyun) * hna.de and merkur.de are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

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