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Luckenwalde (Brandenburg) – That was quick! Three days after the BILD report on the “police hunt” video by Syrian Fayez Kanfash (26), the police searched the Youtuber’s apartment. The day before the raid, he posted the next film. Again with extremely provocative content …

In his new video, the Youtuber is giving away iPhones and MacBooks on Alexanderplatz.

Berlin teenagers had to kiss the Koran three times for the expensive “presents”. If they did, “Allah u Akhbar!” Resounded in the video – cheers. But Kanfash assured him that he was not an Islamist.

The teenager kisses the Koran – part of a new action by the Youtuber

Photo: Fayez Kanfash

Hours later Kanfash announced his new goal on YouTube: “10 million subscribers”!

With what money did the Hartz 4 receiver buy the devices? Investigators confiscated cell phones and bank statements during a raid on Friday evening. He got into it with another provocative video …

Police secure guns and cartridges during raid

“Open! Police! ”- On Friday night officers in bulletproof vests knocked on Kanfash’s door in Luckenwalde. “We searched the apartment”, police spokesman Torsten Herbst confirms BILD. By decision of the Potsdam District Court. Herbst: “We don’t give details.”

Teaser picture

In his video on YouTube, Fayez Kanfash chases one of his fellow actors disguised as a police officer

Photo: Fayez Kanfash

The public prosecutor is investigating violations of the Weapons Act and social security fraud. Reason: a hate video of the Syrian in which he “shoots” actors in police clothing with a pistol.

“If someone shows up with guns on the Internet, there is a risk of delay,” says police union boss Andreas Schuster, “then action must be taken immediately.”

Teaser picture

With a deceptively real weapon, the YouTuber rushes at the man disguised as a police officer in his video

Photo: Fayez Kanfash

According to BILD information, Kanfash handed the officers a weapon and cartridges: A blank firing pistol, 1: 1 replica of a real model. He did not have the required “small gun license”.

Weird reason: The weapon is a movie prop. He wanted to get into the film business with his videos. Not very credible: with 1.02 million YouTube subscribers, his cash register is already ringing.

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