1-0 in Eastern Switzerland – St. Gallen makes the game, Lugano wins it – sport

1-0 in Eastern Switzerland - St. Gallen makes the game, Lugano wins it - sport

1-0 in Eastern Switzerland – St. Gallen makes the game, Lugano wins it – Sport – SRF

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  • St. Gallen has a lot of possession in the early home game of the 19th round of the Super League against Lugano, but loses 1-0.
  • Defender Mijat Maric kept his nerve in the 84th minute and converted the winning penalty.
  • Previously, St. Gallen’s Boubacar Traoré weakens his team with a red card itself (72nd).
  •  The  bottom line is that YB actually benefits from the results of this match day, although they only play 0-0 at Vaduz.

Badly rewarded, annoying, at FC St. Gallen they will call the 0-1 home defeat against Lugano unnecessary. © www.de24.news The  Ticino had less of the game, but they recently benefited from a sloppy St. Gallen and a controversial referee decision:

  • 72. Minute: Boubacar Traoré is too imprecise in handling the ball. Lugano captain Jonathan Sabbatini gets in, Traoré slips into the Luganese’s legs with one last effort and too late. Referee Fedayi San rightly shows yellow-red.
  • 84. Minute: Lugano joker Roman Macek dribbles into the penalty area, Tim Staubli, who is also substitute, disturbs the Czech. Both push and pull and after a little touch, Macek falls. San first decides on no foul, but the VAR recommends reviewing the scene on the screen. A short time later, San points to the point.

One minute later, Mijat Maric confidently converted the penalty kick. After the final whistle, the joy was great, Lugano catches up on points with the two YB chasers St. Gallen and Basel.

Almost 40% of the action in the first half took place in the defensive third of Lugano. St. Gallen also had the ball much more often, but the Luganesi, who defended well and countered, felt no less dangerous. Fabio Daprela, for example, hit the crossbar in the 27th minute.

For statistics fans

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  • Lugano has now been unbeaten for 12 away games in a row.
  • St. Gallen only got 5 points from the last 5 games.
  • With Daprela and Maric, only defenders for Lugano have scored this calendar year.
  • St. Gallen had not owed a penalty this season.
  • After Traoré’s red card, all Super League teams have now received at least one dismissal.

So it goes on

© www.de24.news

 The  game of St. Gallen against Lucerne on Wednesday and the Thursday game Lugano – Servette were postponed due to corona cases among the opponents. © www.de24.news

 The  Eastern Swiss will continue against Zurich on Saturday, January 30th, while the Ticino will be playing at FC Basel the next day.

SRF Zwei, sportlive, January 24th, 2021, 3:50 p.m.

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Eastern Switzerland Gallen game Lugano wins sport


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