10 GB LTE tariff with allnet flat rate for 9.99 euros and can be canceled at any time


This provider offers a whopping 10 GB of LTE data volume at a top price of 9.99 euros! We’ll tell you all the information about the bargain tariff.

At sim.de there is again a strong tariff campaign:

10 GB LTE data volume

for only

9.99 euros per month

including flat-rate telephony and SMS. In addition, you can cancel the tariff at any time with a notice period of 3 months. According to the tariff calculator, this is by far the best offer in terms of price. © www.de24.news The 

Offer ends on January 25th, 2021 at 10 p.m.


Click here for the sim.de offer: 10 GB LTE for only 9.99 euros

LTE tariff with 10 GB for 9.99 euros: © www.de24.news The se are the conditions

  • Network: O2

  • Data volume: 10 GB with LTE 50 Mbit / s

  • Flat Telefonie & SMS

  • 9.99 euros basic fee per month

  • Without & with term

  • Connection fee (without duration): 19.99 euros

  • Connection fee (24 months term): 0 euros

  • Data automatic: yes, but can be deactivated

  • Promotion ends on January 25th, 2021 at 10 p.m.

With a data volume of 10 GB, you hardly have to worry about your consumption when you are out and about. You can even stream Netflix series and films on the go. You can stream about 4 hours per gigabyte, according to Netflix. With the 2-year variant, there is no connection fee, with the option without a contract period with the option of canceling at any time with a notice period of 3 months, you pay 19.99 euros for the connection.

Click here for the sim.de offer: 10 GB LTE for only 9.99 euros


If you switch to sim.de with your number from another tariff provider, you will receive a switch bonus of 6.82 euros. However, this does not apply if you move your phone number within the Drillisch group.

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LTE tariff allnet flat rate euros canceled time


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