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The manufacturing lead is so high that even massive financial injections from all over the EU will not be enough to catch up.

What would you do? Throw in the gun, leave the field to someone else forever and emigrate in the long term, or do you change subsidies and laws in order to get back on track piece by piece? Of course it’s not easy, but I think it’s good to first recognize the problem and counteract it with the possible political instruments.I think back to the times when Cebit was founded in 1986, when I was at the Hanover Fair and curiously admired information technology without realizing the potential that slumbered there, it is very surprising that we were completely gone so quickly. One problem is definitely who invested where, and it is a tragedy that we in Europe are not creating the framework conditions for founders that are necessary.

Believe me, there are enough people in the world with a lot of money and they would like to join, but they understand that it is almost impossible.

I don’t know so many people with over 100 billion and these blowflies invest where they get the maximum return. In this case, however, they are strategic investments. It is primarily not about profit, but about increased security in the medium term and independence in the long term.The idea of ​​free world trade is slowly falling apart, customs borders are being raised, sanctions are being imposed and export bans are being imposed. China’s behavior with rare earths was a call away.

Do you myopic people laugh at this CPU too? I pay my respects to the developers. The road to competitiveness is still a long one, but you are breaking out of your grip. I would be grateful if the servers of our internet were set up with European CPUs without back doors in the medium term.

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