5 apps to get you through dry January


These five free apps can help you limit your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Change UK charity’s “Dry January” initiative has become a widespread social media phenomenon. The point is to avoid alcohol for a whole month.

Those who particularly enjoy watching Netflix on the sofa with a glass of wine will get real cravings at this challenge. The following apps are designed to help you stay on top of things, keep your goal in mind and stay abstinent for a month:

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“Try Dry”

“Alcohol Change UK” developed the “Try Dry” app, which enables users to track the length of time they abstain from alcohol up to and including the amount of money saved by abstaining from alcohol. With charts you can visualize your alcohol consumption and thus find out what you want to change over the course of the month and year. Apple and Android users can download the app.

“I Am Sober”

With the “I Am Sober” app you can keep track of how long you have been giving up alcohol. The application automatically marks your biggest milestones and shows you what the triggers for your alcohol consumption could be. Via “I Am Sober” you can also connect with other people and thereby motivate yourself. The free app is available for iOS and Android.

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“Alcohol-free – stop drinking (EasyQuit)”

The German-language app gives you an overview of how long you haven’t drunk any alcohol. There is also a health overview that shows you how your body reacts to abstinence from alcohol. The app also has features such as memory games to offer. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Screenshot: Alcohol-free – stop drinking (EaysQuit)

“Saying When”

With this application you can set weekly goals for your alcohol consumption. So if you are not able to stop overnight, you can use this app to limit your consumption. You can also track when you drank or felt like drinking. “Saying When” also offers you a monthly overview that shows you your successes. Available free of charge for iPhones and Android devices.

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“Drinking Diary”

The “German Main Office for Addiction Issues” has launched the “Drinking Diary” application. With this free app for Android and iOS you can track the alcohol in different drinks, set a personal consumption limit and find competent contact persons. The app provides interesting details about alcohol and motivates you to drink less. Individual entries can be called up as graphics that give you an overview of your alcohol consumption.

Screenshot: Drinking diary / German headquarters for addiction issues

Get professional help

If you have the feeling that your alcohol consumption is already becoming an addiction, then you should definitely seek help. Talk to your family or friends about your problem or contact them

  • Telephone counseling: call 142
  • or contact a counseling center. You can find out more here.

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