6-year-old seriously injured while tobogganing


A six-year-old boy was seriously injured on a well-frequented sledge slope on Sunday afternoon at the “Salzwinkel” near Römerstein-Zainingen. According to the police, the boy from Walddorfhäslach was with his brother and father in the area of ​​the run around 2:25 p.m. when two women were driving down the snow slope in a plastic toboggan and collided with the child.

The -women tried to brake and swerve with their feet, but their view was obstructed by the snow that was thrown up, the police said.

The -child then had to be first treated by the ambulance service and an emergency doctor. Since the escape routes were kept clear, the rescue workers could get through without restrictions.

Investigations are initiated against women

The -seriously injured child was taken to a clinic. According to the announcement, an investigation has been initiated against the two women aged 27 and 28, who come from Reutlingen and Neu-Ulm, for negligent bodily harm.

In winter weather, the parking lots on the Swabian Alb in the area of ​​responsibility of the Reutlingen police headquarters were very well attended on Sunday afternoon. Due to the full parking spaces, the dirt roads were partially parked.

The -police issued a high double-digit number of fined warnings for wrong-way parking.

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