8.89 million viewers see the Weimar ‘Tatort’ in the first | 01/02/21


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The Weimar Tatort” reached 8.89 million viewers on the first on Friday evening at prime time. The film death of actor Christian Ulmen as Commissioner Lessing should have shocked many fans on New Year’s Day. The episode “The Fine Spirit” achieved a market share of 24.1 percent. The episode remained a little below the average number of viewers in 2020: The 36 new “ Tatort” thrillers on ARD’s Das Erste saw an average of 9.1 million last year.

Ulmen has been Lessing at the side of fellow actor Nora Tschirner since 2013. Although he seemed to be investigating at the side of his partner Kira Dorn and renovating the old building he had bought. In fact, he had already died at the beginning of the film and was only shown to accompany his partner through the case as an advisory spirit, it was finally learned. “ Der Feine Geist” may wake up fans’ memories: In the New Year’s episode “ Das Team”, Nadeshda Krusenstern ( Friederike Kempter) died after 17 years as a colleague of the most popular “ Tatort” investigator duo Thiel and Boerne from M√ľnster.

The “dream ship” on ZDF headed for the Seychelles at 8:15 pm, with 7.29 million viewers (19.8 percent) interested. The live broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert from 11.15 a.m. was followed by 2.89 million viewers (18.5 percent) on ZDF. Maestro Riccardo Muti led the musicians through the traditional concert without an audience.

Sat.1 reached 2.93 million (8.3 percent) with “ Jim Knopf and Lukas, the engine driver” from 8:15 pm on Friday and ProSieben with “ Marvel’s The Avengers” 1.73 million (5.3 percent). “The greatest television moments in the world” on RTL switched 1.65 million (6.3 percent). RTLzwei made 1.40 million (3.9 percent) with the classic “ And daily greets the marmot” and Vox with “ Bridget Jones Baby” 0.92 million (2.7 percent). The action film “ Fast & Furious Five” on ZDFneo wanted to see 0.58 million (1.6 percent) ./ia/DP/zb

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