A pig as a family member: Whoopie, the house pig – Stuttgart


By Nadja Otterbach

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Whoopie on her resting place

Photo: Lichtgut / Julian Rettig, private

You have to have pork, think the Eckerts from Stuttgart-Botnang. Whoopie has been part of the family for eight years.
The -70 kilo bristle cattle are brought to bed in the evening with a lullaby, and in the morning they wake up the others with their grunts.

By Nadja Otterbach

January 4th, 2021 – 3:32 pm

Stuttgart It can happen that Claudia and Oliver Eckert’s customers suddenly hear the clatter of hooves during a video conference. Or a deep grunt that only pigs can do. In the beginning, Oliver Eckert in particular was uncomfortable when his pet held such a cinnabar while, as a management consultant, he presented results with great concentration. Today the 50-year-old can laugh about it with his customers. Of course, they have long known: A pig lives in Eckerts’ house.

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