A video from 1990 shows what Nintendo of America looked like inside


Nintendo is one of the more mysterious video game companies. While it has been a treasure for players around the world for decades, the company seems reluctant to play open cards. Nintendo’s secrecy is very interesting given a 30 year old video that appeared on YouTube a few days ago.

YouTuber btm0815ma is uploading old posts, such as a broadcast of  The  Hunter / Brinkly Report from 1969 or an episode of CNN’s coverage of the 1991 Gulf War. In the case of something that was uploaded just a few days ago, the YouTuber posted 1990 raw footage regarding Nintendo headquarters in America.

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 The  video begins with a man who explains that he is in the “World of Nintendo Headquarters” in Redmond Washington, where it is possible to get internships for Nintendo next summer. © www.de24.news

 The  man then speaks of having found a world map for a game called “Final Frontier” when he is actually on Final Fantasy related (and corrected himself).

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 The  video shows that this location is where NES consoles and NES games are being assembled and distributed across the country. © www.de24.news

 The  footage shows close-ups of team members putting consoles together. It is extremely fascinating to see how the NES was made in 1990.

Nintendo has been ahead of its time a few times

At one point in the video, an engineer was interviewed and asked if he would like to work for Nintendo. He was specifically after working on NES Hands-Free Controller asked. While the options for accessible controllers are available these days, Nintendo thought outside the box even then. According to the video, an Oklahoma parent called Nintendo and asked if their daughter could still play Nintendo after she tragically had a car accident that left her neck paralyzed. So Nintendo and the engineer went to work developing the NES hands-free controller for this girl who had a huge NES game collection. © www.de24.news

 The  controller was never publicly available, but could be purchased through Nintendo Customer Service. Hats off!

© www.de24.news

 The  final part of the video appeared to be product testers, Q&A testers, and more as the team played some of the best NES memory games. A look behind the scenes of Nintendo of America is extremely rare, be it today or three decades ago. What exactly became of this raw material is unknown. But to get a glimpse of how consoles were made in the past is extremely interesting, because machines do most of the work these days.

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video shows Nintendo America looked


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