Accident in TV Show! Olympic champion seriously injured

 Accident in TV Show!  Olympic champion seriously injured

Ouch! For Fabian Hambüchen, participation in the Sat.1 show “Catch!” painful consequences. The 2016 Olympic champion was seriously injured in a risky jump – and has been in rehab since then.

On the Sat.1 show “Catch!” it’s always fast, literally. Because the simple, but effective show principle is: catching games. Celebrities and athletes compete in teams – and chase their way through a gym. The candidates run past obstacles on an elaborate course. This is exactly where gymnastics star Fabian Hambüchen got hit hard.

On Friday evening, in prime time TV, the 33-year-old falls on “CATCH! The German Championship in Catching 2021”. He has now reported to “Bild” how the incident happened. He jumped over a pole, but “stupidly on the wrong leg”. “I felt a dull pain, it rattled a lot. It was immediately clear to me that something had gone wrong,” said Hambüchen.

Turn-Star takes the accident calmly

The result: the cruciate ligament and meniscus torn, the outer ligament torn. The sportsman then had to undergo knee surgery with a specialist in a clinic in Plattling, Bavaria. He had to walk on crutches and has been training in rehab every week since then. “The injury is a setback. I discovered my love for Crossfit a year ago and now I wanted to qualify for competitions. That’s not possible now, I need the year to fight my way back.”

Apparently the setback does not affect the professional as much as one might think. In any case, he posts an announcement of the show on Instagram and writes: “Take a look and be excited – it will be brutal.” Among other things, he puts the hashtag nevergiveup – “never give up” – under his contribution.

Maybe that has to do with his good coverage. In the interview he reported: “My accident insurance pays. I always go all out.” After all, it was the fourth time that Hambüchen competed on Luke Mockridge’s Sat.1 show.

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Accident Show Olympic champion injured


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