Accident with Protz-Mercedes: four men crash into a tree with a 469 hp car


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A young man (23) smashed a more than 100,000 euro expensive Mercedes in a forest near Glonn on New Year’s Eve.

Glonn Were way too fast at noon Silvestertags, Thursday December 31st, four young men in one Mercedes on the way in the municipality of Glonn. As the police reported, the 469 hp vehicle came in a light Left turn the District road EBE 13 between Frauenreuth and Unterlaus – in the direction of Feldkirchen-Westerham – from the roadway from. The 23-year-old at the wheel is in control of the car due to inappropriate speed Mercedes-Benz S 560 4matic lost.

The car swept into it Ditch and finally hit a wide stump, the investigators report. The vehicle then overturned and finally came to a stop in the undergrowth.

The vehicle, which cost more than 100,000 euros, overturned on a tree stump.

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Serious accident with a 100,000 euro Mercedes: four occupants are very lucky

The inmates between the ages of 19 and 28, three out of the room Bad Aibling, one out Rosenheim, had at that accident Luck: Despite the violent impact, they got away with minor abrasions and trauma, according to the police. Still, they had to continue medical treatment be distributed to several hospitals.

Just scrap: the destroyed rental Mercedes

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Accident with Protz-Mercedes: Four young men only slightly injured in an accident with a tree

The Rescue work took over the fire brigades from Glonn, Frauenreuth and Unterlaus. There were also several ambulances, emergency doctors and two rescue helicopters in action. According to information from the accident site, the rescue control center had triggered the large-scale operation because the automatic emergency call from the accident vehicle did not lead to a speech connection with the driver and therefore serious injuries had to be assumed.

The total loss of that Mercedes the police estimate at 100,000 euros. According to the investigators, the owner of the car was none of the four occupants – they had rented the 469 hp luxury bullet for their full-throttle trip. The police are still checking whether the four of them have violated the applicable exit and contact restrictions with their trip.

All news from Glonn and the district of Ebersberg in the Ebersberger Zeitung.

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