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After a sharp rise in the price on Thursday, things went downhill on Friday. © The  cryptocurrency, which is by far the largest in terms of market value, lives up to its shaky reputation. On Friday, the Bitcoin price on the Bitstamp trading platform fell by almost $ 5,000 to less than $ 35,000. © The  low hit $ 34,500.

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As recently as Thursday, the oldest and most famous Internet currency had risen towards its record high of around $ 42,000. Before the weekend, however, a consistently bad mood in the financial markets was a burden. This once again calls into question the alleged security function of Bitcoin. Followers believe that in the digital currency they have found an instrument against price losses on the stock markets.

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Bitcoin has rallied drastically over the past few weeks and months. Over the year, its course has at times more than fivefold. © The re has been a particularly strong upward trend with a price increase of more than 100 percent since mid-December. Internet currencies, of which there are now thousands, are known for their extreme fluctuations in exchange rates. Regulators such as the German Bafin recently warned against investing in cryptocurrencies.

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strong price increase Bitcoin collapses message


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