After-effects still: woman discharged from clinic after vaccination failure



Still aftermath
Woman discharged from clinic after vaccination failure

A doctor accidentally injects five times the dose of the corona vaccine into eight employees of a nursing home in Stralsund. One of them then lies in the hospital for days. All those affected are now back home, but three of them still complain of pain and dizziness.
Four days after the vaccination mishap in Stralsund, the last woman treated as a precaution in the hospital is back home. “I am happy and also relieved that everyone is back home and that they are gradually getting better,” said District Administrator Stefan Kerth.

On Sunday, eight employees in a nursing home in Stralsund were accidentally administered five times the dose of the corona vaccine supplied by Biontech and Pfizer. Four of them were then taken to hospital as a precaution. Three were released after just one night.

According to the district administrator, however, three people report persistent symptoms, such as pain and swelling at the injection site, headache, general weakness and slight dizziness. Five speak of an improvement in their condition. The health department is in daily telephone contact with everyone. The public prosecutor’s office has meanwhile started investigations into negligent bodily harm.

Contrary to the instructions of the vaccine manufacturer, a nurse mixed the contents of the glasses with the correct amount of saline, a spokesman for the district of Vorpommern-RĂ¼gen said after the incident. Then she gave the doctor syringes with the full content instead of just a fifth of the volume for vaccination.

She did that eight times. Then the eight jars were all 40 people were supposed to be vaccinated with.” The spokesman pointed out that Biontech and Pfizer even provided an illustrated desk pad for preparing the vaccine.


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